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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Relativity (SOLD OUT) 7 Drone Records DR-64   2003 €6.00  
Divisible CD-R Attenuation Circuit AC 04 early & rare release by the rising Franconian "experimental drone"-project (& Drone Records-artist with DR-64!); comes in very handmade / treated YELLOW NEON jewel-case covered with thick black paint, limited & numbered edition of only 33 copies; last chance ! 2004 €6.00
Fission-processed mCDR Attenuation Circuit AC 03 early & rare release by the rising Franconian "experimental drone"-project (& Drone Records-artist with DR-64!); comes in very handmade / treated RED NEON jewel-case covered with thick black paint, limited & numbered edition of only 33 copies; last chance ! 2004 €6.00
Cycle mCD-R Verato Projekt verazitt 036 lim./numb. 60 // EMERGE reworks AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF-sounds ! / one-tracker 23 min / 5" jewel-case / cover 2005 €8.50
Reeligible Redye mCD-R Attenuation Circuit AC11 finally a new release by this Drone Records-artist (DR-64) from Augsburg, Germany; dark & deep 'electroacoustic drone-ambience', fantastic sounds & atmosphere on this one-tracker (20+ min.); comes in hand-assembled clear blue 5" cases 2009 €6.00
Retentive Disrupt mCD-R Attenuation Circuit AC 12 mysterious amorphous sounds from an unknown Otherworld, establishing a different kind of harmony; great new release by the south german Drone Records-artist; comes in a yellow flourescent 5" case; please note the first 3 EMERGE mCDRs from 2004 are still available from our shop!! 2009 €6.00
Angle mCDR-box Attenuation Circuit Mini Series ACM 1003 fantastic 17+ min. one-tracker using sounds of breathing as the main source for this composition; electro-acoustic drones full of tension, breaks, rumblings, and strange sounds.. undefinable stuff!! Comes in mini DVD-box! 2011 €6.50
Canvas mCDR-box Attenuation Circuit Mini Series ACM 1001 very different live-version (recorded at a painting exhibition) of this piece based on sampled sounds from paint brushes & other painting tools; comes in mini DVD-box! 2011 €6.50
Contrition mCDR-box Attenuation Circuit Mini Series ACM 1004 two long tracks using bass & e-guitar sources to create the typical bleak EMERGE sound, here more reduced & focused & with more attention to harmonic elements; dark electro-acoustic drone-muzak ! comes in mini DVD-box 2011 €6.50
Desecrate mCD-R Attenuation Circuit ACM 1020 "dreamtime musique concrete " - EMERGE is enlarging his compositional approach to reach a more organic & warm sound as usual, now based on various sound sources: church organ, guitar feedback and animal sounds... endless UR-drones moving around very SLOWLY.... one-tracker 18+ minutes in nice mCD box 2013 €6.50
Oneirism 10inch Attenuation Circuit ACZ 1001 third vinyl appearance of this south-german project presenting two very hypnotic dream-drone tracks; whereas one side dissolves into ghostly fog-sounds (reminding of certain JOHN DUNCAN or M.B. works), the flipside points into sub-bass areas, extremely deep & with hallucinogenic effect... lim./numbered 300 copies & with bonus CDR of the same tracks 2013 €13.00
Frown CD Attenuation Circuit ACU 1001 after almost hundreds of CD-R releases this is the very first "fabric pressed" CD of this very open-minded German label, with new recordings by EMERGE => "Frown" is a rumbling dark drone journey in three parts that seems to go deeply into the abyss, into a underground mining or sewerage system, using gurgling water sounds, metallic winds, breaking rocks, mechnical machine loops... where no traces of humans are to be found; great ultra dark musique concrete (no synthetic sounds used) !! 2014 €10.00
Hiding Place CD Frozen Light FZL 036 five long tracks recorded already in 2013 see now the daylight on Russian's "Frozen Light", feat. ELJARA (female singer of PRINZIP NEMESIS) and RE-DRUM; the rough scratch-sound and object sampled ambient noise loops create a very isolationistic, de-humanized atmosphere, building an interested contrast with the occasional smooth chants and vocals... this is only the second "fabric pressed CD" from EMERGE so far; numbered ed. 300 copies 2016 €10.00
Narcoses CD Attenuation Circuit ACU 1012 drops and rays of deep bass sounds and morphed frequencies build sluggish cascades of an eerie nature, only gradually structures appear which could form some kind of ultra slow motion rhythms, but the brain can hardly recognize this...one of the best EMERGE albums so far, a different kind of bleak ambience, any LUSTMORD fan should test this out! Lim. 100 only 2017 €8.00
Materia CD Attenuation Circuit ACU 1014 'paradigm shift' for EMERGE on this new release, the German project converges to rhythmic / sampled minimal IDM structures in a new way..."EMERGE improvised with prepared samples and amplified objects made of various materials- hence the title-, namely wood, stone, and plastic.. the rhythms, perhaps, is the direct, almost in-your-face way in which distorted voice like samples are used as a counterpoint to the live-generated sounds.." - lim. 100 copies 2019 €10.00
Steps CD Attenuation Circuit ACU 1021 field recordings from the Dachau Concentration Camp memorial site, the steps and voices of people, the environment, eerie rumblings and object sounds of the sites and buildings (following the believe that you can't do "music" about the holocaust)... + processed on one track in a characteristic way by diverse international sound artists, such as FREIBAND, B*TONG, SATORI, etc.. - a very ambitious project, creating a unique contextual atmosphere! 2020 €13.00
Indulgence CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACG 1001 small CDR re-issue of great tape from 2016: two long 20+ min. pieces of EMERGE exploring the areas under the earth / surface, microsonic granular drones made out of soil, sand & sludge it seems.. at times this could be a very dark droning version of ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE.. "it will take you deep under the underground surface for your recreational, or even scientifically approved purposes.." - lim. 25 copies, oversized cover w. special design 2021 €10.00