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EMERGE - Indulgence

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACG 1001
Release Year: 2021
Note: small CDR re-issue of great tape from 2016: two long 20+ min. pieces of EMERGE exploring the areas under the earth / surface, microsonic granular drones made out of soil, sand & sludge it seems.. at times this could be a very dark droning version of ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE.. "it will take you deep under the underground surface for your recreational, or even scientifically approved purposes.." - lim. 25 copies, oversized cover w. special design
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

More Info

"There is only one sound artist whose knowledge of the underground is so reliable that it knows out to bring out the best literal sounds of sand, gravel, dirt and mysterious mysteries from the lower levels. Emerge is the artist that Im writing about.

Many of Emerges releases are shimmering, softly crawling into the shadows of suburban city lights and below the surfaces within sewer systems. However this time with this new release things are different; here Emerge doesnt go for the sound of after night city lights, subway systems or drainage, but indeed literally goes under the ground as being the polar opposite of astronauts that would go out into space.

Here Emerge explores the sounds of the real underground, as the vast amount of dry dirt and mud is being slit through in order to reveal sound places that nobody (except Emerge) really knows about; underground rooms in which the private artist and explorer hides out in all his privacy; places from which genially engraved holes provide the sounds of a controlled sea, the one that you could hear in snail shelves, or in toilet bowls; but yet never heard before!

With the help of Emerge you dont need to do anything at all; just listen to this release as it will take you deep under the underground surface for your recreational, or even scientifically approved purposes.
I say recreational as in one moment of slipping through the microscopic sand rocks the artist seems to handle over a ping pong table tennis racket for a friendly underground game.

Afterwards Emerge transforms the audio surroundings into a real cozy one; a pleasant underground cave with a damp feeling and pleasurable water drips & muffled sounds of possibly bad weather above surface; nothing is better than being dry, warm, cozy and among a good friend deep down below; while others are above ground getting soaked while struggling with opening their umbrellas.

Emerge will keep us all thoroughly entertained by leading the way through even deeper surfaces, a dense hallway that seemingly picks up the sounds of a long and lost highway now sophistically beamed down in Emerges underground network.

Let Emerge be the eye opener to a place of the beautiful underground world that we normally just step over." [Yeah I know it sucks]