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About Us

DRONE RECORDS vertreibt Musik, die Sensibilität fördert und einfordert, die zu kritischem Bewußtsein aufruft, unkommerziell ausgerichet ist und sich nicht an gängigen Vermarktungstrends orientiert - abseits einer auf Gewinnmaximierung ausgerichteten Entertainment-& Kultur-Industrie. Die Unterstützung & Verbreitung einer intelligenten musikalischen Kultur, in der persönliche Kommunikation & Austausch sowie eine größtmögliche Vielfalt von alternativen, experimentellen und kritischen Inhalten im Vordergrund stehen, ist unser erklärtes Ziel.

DRONE RECORDS distributes music that encourages and requires sensitivity, calls for a critical awareness, has neither any commercial orientation nor does it follow any common marketing trends, hence staying away from an entertainment industry that is focused on profit maximisation. Our declared objective is the support and distribution of an intelligent musical culture that foregrounds personal communication and exchange as well as an utmost variety of alternative, experimental and critical contents.

DRONE RECORDS is a label-project and mailorder-service for mainly atmospheric & experimental music, based in Bremen, Germany.

DRONE RECORDS as a (vinyl-only) LABEL started in 1993 with a very idealistic, uncommercial attitude & philosophy, influenced by the independent cassette-culture scene from the 80’s.
The 7"-label series was active from 1993 to 2010 with 100 released "drones" (7" EPs), presenting mainly newcomers from the international experimental "drone"-scene.

In the meantime, late 2005 a second series / sub-label has started, this time on 10"-vinyls, named SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA. This series with a special concept embracing the "Unknown" could be seen as an interface between experimental music & cultural science, psychoanalysis and philosophy.
See www.substantia-innominata.de for details.

At the end of the year 2011 we have started a new LP-series called "DRONE-MIND//MIND-DRONE" - dedicated to the drones of the world - and the drones of our minds. Presenting 4 artists for each volume, this is a continuation of the drone 7" concept on a more acceptable format, the new era of DRONES!

DRONE RECORDS as a MAIL-ORDER started later in the 90’s, based on the label-releases, to offer other items from bands & artists featured on the label. Later also other interesting stuff was added. Today, DRONE RECORDS offers a wide spectrum of artists and styles from the more experimental & electronic world of sound-creation, and our credo is still that we sell what we like and not what "sells". The whole catalogue we offer is viewable in this database, but we still do monthly / 6 weeks-updates ("Newsflash") via e-mail with full info and often reviews on all offered items.

You can subscribe to the e-mail Newsflash-service by sending a mail through the contact-page.

The NEW LP-series from Drone Records is dedicated to the Drones of the World, and the Drones of our Minds. A kind of continuation of the Drone 7"-series but on a more user-friendly format. Each LP features four artists from the international drone-scene and is limited to 500 copies and pressed on four different vinyl-colours. Each LP artwork will feature paintings by British painter PETE GREENING. This series shows the various sides of todays experimental drone-music. The title symbolizes the interaction between sound of the Eternal and our psyche and raises questions: Can Drones (or sound per se) be regarded as "intelligent"? Does every mind produce a Drone? Isn't it possible that any organic or non-organic entity produces a Drone? Drone Music is seen as more than a mere 'music style', it expresses an approach to perceive & understand the world. DRONE-MIND and MIND-DRONE build a circle of diverse inter-relations. The Drone as a metaphor for everything that vibrates, that releases energy - from atoms and elementary particles to the hum of the earth and the universe. The Drone as an entity that connects everthing that exists within our own "mind-space", perception and self. First release: December 2011.