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EMERGE - Oneirism

Format: 10inch
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACZ 1001
Release Year: 2013
Note: third vinyl appearance of this south-german project presenting two very hypnotic dream-drone tracks; whereas one side dissolves into ghostly fog-sounds (reminding of certain JOHN DUNCAN or M.B. works), the flipside points into sub-bass areas, extremely deep & with hallucinogenic effect... lim./numbered 300 copies & with bonus CDR of the same tracks
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"Two untitled tracks of 12 minutes each make up EMERGEs first release in the 10 format. Both showcase the dark ambient aspects of EMERGEs work in its purest form to date. Oneirism hints to the world of dreams, and while one side can be considered a cinematic rendering of a nightmare set in dark and glacial surroundings, the other is replete with immersive drones that are mysterious yet beautiful in an otherworldly way, literally making this release the dream of every dark ambient fan.

This release is a new departure in EMERGEs work in various ways. While deep, dark drones have always been an important feature of his compositions, they have always been contrasted with other timbres. Here, EMERGE goes more minimal and more bass-heavy at the same time and lets the deep microtones do all the work of enveloping the listener and sucking him or her into the dream world of the music. The lack of any information on the sound sources used, otherwise meticulously supplied with every EMERGE release, heightens the sense of mystery evoked by the sound itself. Listeners are invited to create their own associations inside their own heads. An intense and beautiful listening experience, not only for dark ambient buffs, but for anyone who is interested in spaced-out, psychedelic kinds of ambient and other electronic music. For EMERGE fans this release is a must, as it is the artists third vinyl outing after a 7 on Drone Records, long sold out, and the hand-painted split LP with Btong on attenuation circuit." [label info]