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EMERGE - Contrition

Format: mCDR-box
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit Mini Series ACM 1004
Release Year: 2011
Note: two long tracks using bass & e-guitar sources to create the typical bleak EMERGE sound, here more reduced & focused & with more attention to harmonic elements; dark electro-acoustic drone-muzak ! comes in mini DVD-box
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.50

More Info

"On the two 10-minute pieces that make up this release, EMERGE uses samples from bass guitar (track 1) and prepared electric guitar (track 2) to create reverberating sonic environments that combine his characteristic dark drones with chords and melodic fragments that lend these compositions an unusually warm, acoustic sound.

EMERGE aka Sascha Stadlmeier is the founder and curator of the Attenuation Circuit label. Underlining the labels collaborative spirit, EMERGE has invited label artists Eazy and Gerhard Zander, with whom he also collaborates in live improvisations (see Betrachtung, ACC 1001), to contribute snippets of their playing the bass guitar and prepared electric guitar. While most of EMERGEs earlier works process their source materials way beyond any possibility of recognition, the two compositions on this disc are markedly different. Not only does the processing sometimes enhance the acoustic, analogue, and rather delicate feel of the source instruments, instead of sculpting the source materials into massive, bass-heavy blocks of sound. What also adds a new dimension to EMERGEs catalogue of austere, abstract dronescapes is the fact that the two pieces, especially track 2, use a varied palette of seemingly rather referential sounds, conjuring up associations that range from the zoomorphic to the oriental." [label info]


"The final release is by Emerge, the project of Sascha Stadlmeier, who is also the man behind the Attentuation Circuit label. Knowing his previous releases, its not a surprise that on this new one he explores the edges of sampling
through the use of a single sound source, in this case the bass guitar (track one) and prepared electric guitar (track two). These new pieces see him move away from his earlier work, going more into a collage like style of sounds,
pieced together into compositions stemming from the world of musique concrete and making connections to the world of people like Marc Behrens or Roel Meelkop. Moving away from the more densely layered works with less variation, into a much richer field of music, at least that's what I think. A major leap forward for
Emerge." [FdW/Vital Weekly]