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EMERGE - Relativity

Format: 7
Label & Cat.Number: Drone Records DR-64
Release Year: 2003
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.00
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Ein neues Experimentalprojekt wird mit der DR-64 gewrdigt, EMERGE aus Augsburg schafft mit tiefen, schweren Sounds eine Atmosphre wie unter Tage oder in einer Katakombe...alle Klnge basieren dabei auf field recordings..

EMERGE is a new project from Augsburg in South-Germany. After two self-released tapes & CDrs, DRONE Records is very pleased to officially present this great audio-work to a wider audience. The two tracks here (Relativity and Profundity) carries the listeners into very deep & low sound-regions throughout mysterious low rumblings & mechanized loops added by various distorted voices arising from beyond. This atmospheric feeling is like being under the earth or even underwater. Its something that sounds like deep breathings coming from an invisible abyss that would create a psychic room inside it where the darkness is without any boundaries; no time or logic whatsoever: its the primal state of being. Filed under: amorph catacomb-drones YELLOW - BLACK SPRINKLED VINYL. HANDMADE COVERS WITH EXTREME PROCEDURES: PARTLY PAINTED & BURNED !!! [press release]