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EMERGE - Angle

Format: mCDR-box
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit Mini Series ACM 1003
Release Year: 2011
Note: fantastic 17+ min. one-tracker using sounds of breathing as the main source for this composition; electro-acoustic drones full of tension, breaks, rumblings, and strange sounds.. undefinable stuff!! Comes in mini DVD-box!
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More Info

"ACM 1003: 3У CD-R in mini DVD-style case

This 17-minute composition contrasts metallic, bell-like sounds reminiscent of classic electronic music of the 1950s and 1960s with deep, grinding bass frequencies with a certain dark-ambient flavour. EMERGE stays true to his compositional principle of not creating synthetic sounds but using only extremely manipulated field recordings from one single source per piece. In this case, recorded sounds of breathing provided the source material.

Throughout the piece, melodic developments struggle to emerge while time and again being contrasted with fragments of small noises. Pauses of almost complete silence also serve a structural role that keeps the sonic process in constant suspense. While the first half of the piece sounds very crisp and transparent, the second half layers more and more bass-heavy sound masses on top of each other, thus invoking the echo of huge rooms and creating the type of brooding atmosphere characteristic of earlier EMERGE releases. But sounds of an increasingly percussive, rhythmic character start to build up a further structural level on top of the bass foundation, so that between the beginning and end of the composition, the roles of the bass and treble sounds are more or less reversed." [label info]