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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Summer Rain (SOLD OUT) 7 Drone Records DR-03 lim. 200 1993  
Sugarbush CD Raum 312 RAUM 02 2nd BQ album, for us a milestone of experimental ambient, KORM PLASTICS re-found some copies in their headquarters, long deleted! 1995 €13.00
Aughton LP Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt084 nice vinyl-only release with older recordings by the Dutch experimental ambience project with FRANS DE WAARD; organic & dark drone/musique concrete at its best ! lim. ed. 300, full colour inner sleeve, last copies available 2004 €17.00
Music for the head ballet CD Infraction infx 009 re-release / ed. of 500 2004 €13.00
The Bodyshop CD Important Records imprec044   2004 €13.00
Der Holzweg (13th anniversary edition) CD Tantric Harmonies TANTRA X35 re-issue of the glorious first BQ album (1993), with bonus tracks (for example the DR-03 drone EP "summer rain") !! 2006 €13.00
Seltenturm. Beesides 1989-2000 do-CD Plinkity Plonk PLONK 22 collection of early rarities: the first rare FOND LP (1991), the wonderful MAPPA MUNDI MC (1989), the split LP with KAPOTTE MUZIEK (1997), "The Surrough Gate" 10" (1997), material from three 7" vinyls... delicate excursions into mysterious ambience and nostalgic atmospheres.. ed. of 300 ; BACK IN STOCK last copies 2007 €13.00
Sandancing CD Important Records IMPREC 177CD BEEQUEENs first real "pop" album with vocals by OLGA WALLIS; charming, atmospheric, airy... with some experimental/ambient influences.. comes in oversized gatefold cover 2008 €13.00
Time waits for no one CD Herbal International CD 0801 re-issue of the Staalplaat CD from 1994 (their 2nd CD) 2008 €13.00
Sturmwind and Gilbert 7inch Tonefloat TF157 BEEQUEEN is no longer!! After 30 years of existence (incl. their fabulous drone-noise statement 'Summer Rain' 7" on Drone Rec. in 1993) this is their farewell-release, with two rather incredible pretty pop songs (drumbox, guitar, sequencer & synths, female vocals paraphrasing dadaist KURT SCHWITTERS in German)...it also documents a rarely before seen evolution of a band starting with rough ambient noise and ending with a kind of 'Schlager' pop.... wow! Lim.300 2016 €9.50
Winter LP A COLOURFUL STORM -029 two new / old (does it matter? it's BEEQUEEN!) side long pieces = older unreleased material (dating back to 1988!) with new re-shaping in 2020, inspired by the ever mysterious winter atmospheres... - "Think woodblock, guitar, static radio signals, ethereal ambience. An honourable addition to Beequeen's discography and a beautiful piece of the Dutch avantgarde with historic ties to Edward Ka-Spel, De Fabriek, Merzbow and Nurse With Wound." 2020 €21.50