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BEEQUEEN - Sandancing

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Important Records IMPREC 177CD
Release Year: 2008
Note: BEEQUEENs first real "pop" album with vocals by OLGA WALLIS; charming, atmospheric, airy... with some experimental/ambient influences.. comes in oversized gatefold cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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BEEQUEEN sind mit "Sanddancing" ganz im "Song" angekommen, einer Art elektronischer "Ambient Pop" der ein Spektrum von kitschigen Kindermelodei-Stcken bis hin zu verschrobenen Instrumentals umfasst, mit weiblichem Gesang, irgendwo zwischen alten BRUNNEN, PIANO MAGIC und LPD, charmant, vertrumt & luftig leicht, ohne experimentelle & geruschhafte Elemente ganz zu verbannen...

"After the by now usual gap of some two years, Beequeen is ready to present their latest album, further maturing their sound from The Bodyshop (also on Important Records). More song-based, this album features new vocals by Olga Wallis solely (with some backing by Freek Kinkelaar). Well rounded pop songs in some places, but Beequeen never forgets to put in some strange element, without leaping in the dark alley of pointless experiment. Orchestral in 'The Illogical Song,' collage like in 'The Edie Three Step' or a simple rhythm machine in 'The Honeythief.' Beequeen does all, and with great care and seemingly ease. This album features also the help of Barry Gray, former (and first) guitarist of The Legendary Pink Dots, and would not have been the album that is without the invaluable productional skills of Erik Drost." [press release]

"Beequeen is the long running collaboration between Dutch music veterans Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar. The duo mainly focused on ambient and industrial music during the nineties, until their album 'Ownliness', back in 2002, which marked a more or less radical break with Beequeen's past. Since 'Ownliness' the music of Beequeen has shifted to well crafted electronic pop songs. 'Sandancing' is no exception. It's an atmospheric and dreamy album due to the beautiful (female) vocals of Olga Wallis.
The songs are built on electronics, guitar and keyboard, combined with fine microsonic details, pulsing drum machines and subtle field recordings. It can easily be seen as a rather accessible record, especially considering Beequeens past, but 'Sandancing' hides enough surprises to keep it exciting. It somehow reminds me of the early works of Piano Magic, the project of Glen Johnson, who also used to work with different vocalists to transform his electronic instrumentals into songs. Being aware of the adventurous approach of these experimental wizards, you immediately wonder what Beequeens next record will be like. But you certainly hope that Olga Wallis will be involved again as 'Sandancing' is definitely their best record to date." [MW, Vital Weekly]