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BEEQUEEN - Sturmwind and Gilbert

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Tonefloat TF157
Release Year: 2016
Note: BEEQUEEN is no longer!! After 30 years of existence (incl. their fabulous drone-noise statement 'Summer Rain' 7" on Drone Rec. in 1993) this is their farewell-release, with two rather incredible pretty pop songs (drumbox, guitar, sequencer & synths, female vocals paraphrasing dadaist KURT SCHWITTERS in German)...it also documents a rarely before seen evolution of a band starting with rough ambient noise and ending with a kind of 'Schlager' pop.... wow! Lim.300
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €9.50

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"The time has come: Beequeen’s final single “Sturmwind” is now available on Tonefloat records! With this single, surely our most ‘pop’ release ever, comes an end to nearly 30 years of Beequeen. What a beautiful and fun ride this has been, so much we have seen, heard and learned for which we have so many people to thank. Do things really end here? Who knows? As always, I keep working on new material. “Sometimes my arms bend back” – to the future…

Meanwhile, the “Escape” CD, featuring covers of the songs on “Asylum”, the 1985 album by The Legendary Pink Dots will be released soon. It features my solo version of “Golden Dawn” of which I’m actually quite proud😉

THE PRESS BIT: Achtung! Beequeen (Olga Wallis, Freek Kinkelaar and Frans de Waard) goes pop. But Beequeen being Beequeen, it is not pop as we know it. Sturmwind, as the title suggest, is sung in German and probably the first single in history to paraphrase German Dada artist Kurt Schwitters in the chorus of “Du, deiner, dich, dir” from his famous poem An Anna Blume. Couple this with an existentialist lyric about overwhelming all-consuming love at the end of the world and an uplifting melody and rhythm and you end up with the typical surreal-twist that was also present on Beequeen’s latest album “Around Midnight”. The other side of this single tells the story of Gilbert; who hungers for love, but fails to understand what the concept of ‘love’ actually is. Gilbert is set to an 80s shoegazing tune where desperation gets mixed-up with hope. And with this single the Beequeen bids us, after more than 30 years, goodbye. Sturmwind/Gilbert was written by Freek Kinkelaar and Beequeen, produced and mixed by Peter van Vliet (The Use Of Ashes) and mastered by Raymond Steeg. Sturmwind/Gilbert will be out on March 19 as a limited edition 7inch (300 copies) in a numbered sleeve designed by Carl Glover." [Freek Kinkelaar web & label info]

"Achtung! Beequeen goes Pop. Aber da Beequeen Beequeen ist, es dabei kein Pop wie man ihn kennt herausgekommen. Sturmwind ist, wie der Titel bereits suggeriert, Deutsch gesungen und wahrscheinlich die erste Single in der Geschichte die den deutschen Dadaismus Künstler Kurt Schwitters mit seinem berühmten Gedicht An Anna Blume im Chorus "Du, deiner, dich, dir" frei aufgreift. Verbinden Sie dies mit existentialistischen Texten von überschwänglicher, alles auffressender Liebe am Ende der Welt und einer aufbauenden Melodie und Rhythmus und man landet bei dem typisch surrealen Schwung, der auch auf Beequeens letztem Album "Around Midnight" präsent gewesen ist. Die andere Seite dieser Single erzählt die Geschichte von Gilbert; der nach Liebe hungert, aber nicht versteht was das aktuelle Konzept von Liebe ist. Gilbert ist an eine selbstverliebte 80s Melodie gebunden, bei der Verzweiflung und Hoffnung eng beieinander liegen. Und genau mit dieser Single sagen uns Beequeen, nach mehr als 30 Jahren, Goodbye. Sturmwind wurde von Peter van Vliet (The Use Of Ashes) gemischt und produziert." [label info]