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Echos Pastoraux LP La Scie Doree SCIE 811 debut album of new project by TIMO VAN LUIJK & ANDREW CHALK - 2nd pressing 2015 (300 copies)! -"Elodie's quiet drones, acoustic impression, smoke, shadow, and maudlin atmospheres are hardly anywhere near the 'freak folk' camp. This is much closer to what Akio Suzuki has done, although there are plenty of flourishes in the production that gives evidence of the hands of Andrew Chalk being at work. As a result, it's still spellbinding, like pretty much everything that Chalk has ever touched." [Aquarius Records] 2011 €19.50
La Lumiere Parfumee CD Faraway Press FP020 second album by this new project of ANDREW CHALK & TIMO VON LUIJK after the highly successful LP "Echos Pastoraux"; "an impressionistic pallette of pastel shades and shimmering opalescent rays"; edition of 400 copies in mini-gatefold LP sleeve 2011 €16.00
Miniatures Persanes LP La Scie Doree SCIE 1414 the fourth album finally in stock => two side long pieces with music that must be under a charm: really strange psychedelic/folky ambience with an irresistable subtleness and the typcial "nostalgic" flair, you feel like being locked in an experimental movie from the 70's.... or in an ancient painting of even earlier times.. ; performed on various instruments like flutes, chimes, bass & organ and cleverly layered & mixed... enchanting ambience!; lim. 350 2014 €17.50
Traces Ephemeres LP La Scie Doree SCIE 1113 third LP by this fruitful project of ANDREW CHALK and TIMO VAN LUIJK, this time with help from JEAN-NOEL REBILLY and TOM JAMES SCOTT who add clarinette, piano and koto => 18 instrumental miniatures, quite varified introspective music, often sounding like extremely subtle & silent drone-jazz.. lim. 350 2014 €18.00
Grisailles LP La Scie Doree Scie1516 already the fifth LP by ELODIE, containing five instrumental, most intimate / contemplative pieces => smooth harmonic drops and floating tunes from clarinet, piano, transverse flute, synths, etc.. create elusive patterns and invite you to dwell on every single sound... very thick hand-assembled sleeves with hand printed etching by TIMO VAN LUIJK included, lim. 300 2016 €35.00
Le Manteau d'Etoiles LP Faraway Press FP 026 their fifth album already, here working as a quartet (as on their first show in Nov. 2012) with guest musicians TOM JAMES SCOTT (piano) and JEAN-NOEL REBILLY (clarinet); 10 instrumental "songs" and eternal moments as special and known from ELODIE before... lim. 300 incl. double side insert & 2 postcards 2016 €18.00
Odyssee CD Faraway Press FP 028 'Odyssee' is a live recording made at the GER─USCHWELTEN festival in MŘnster, Germany, in Febr. 2015, when ANDREW CHALK and TIMO VAN LUIJK performed as a duet using flute and string synthesizer, a soundtrack to a film that was shown on the same evening..."a gorgeous, shimmering beautiful listen. Resting on a soft bed of keyboards and various flutes, Elodie takes you on an odyssee that is calming and soothing, without ever becoming a clichÚ."[Freek Kinkelaar] mini-gatefold ART cover! 2016 €15.00
La Porte Ouverte LP Faraway Press 029 'An open door... an exit... an entrance... a new horizon we never know where we are... as long as the door remains open there will be light...': 2016 studio recordings feat. TOM JAMES SCOTT (LIBEREZ), moving their sounds to new areas..." Elodie have jazz and minimalism in their bones, and feeling in their hearts, and by broadening their palette so effectively on La Porte Ouverte they have created an album as close to unique as you can get in 2016." [Joseph Burnett/Dusted Mag] lim. 300 2017 €16.50
Vieux Silence CD Ideologic Organ SOMA 027 the masterful impressionistic duo of ANDREW CHALK (MIRROR, FERIAL CONFINE) and TIMO VAN LUIJK (NOISE-MAKER's FIFES, AF URSIN, etc.) for the first time published outside their own labels, now on the prolific IDEOLOGIC ORGAN run by STEPHEN O'MALLEY: "a visual imagination in an instant, perhaps filtered through aged watercolour, tape grain, antique lenses, forgotten levels of listening and observational patience"; incl. guest musicians on piano, clarinette and guitar pedal steel 2017 €14.00
La Lumiere Parfumee LP Faraway Press FP 020 vinyl version of the second album (CD in 2011) by the ever evolving project of ANDREW CHALK & TIMO VON LUIJK, released after the highly successful LP -Echos Pastoraux-... "an impressionistic pallette of pastel shades and shimmering opalescent rays"; comes with insert // handmade sleeve // letterpress design 2018 €26.00
Le Nid d'Ivoire LP La Scie Doree - 2419 'With intravenous stealth and efficacy ĹLe Nid DĺIvoireĺ gets right under the skin and soothes the senses with its glacially unfolding pace and sensuous smoke-curl dynamics. It starts out recalling the soundtrack to a film noir, but ends up ripe to soundtrack scenes of druggy, psychedelic experiments or a slow burning, furtive romance, conjuring heavy-lidded osmosis, letting the soundtrack drift over you during the dying light of a winter afternoon.' [Boomkat] - lim. 500 clear vinyl 2020 €19.50
Enteha LP A COLOURFUL STORM (AUSTRALIA):ACOLOUR 039 "I wish I could show you - when you are lonely or in darkness - the astonishing light - of your own being" - ANDREW CHALK + TIMO VON LUIJK in full ethereal, impressionistic and somehow consoling mode, two new side long pieces...- "..Enteha is one of the duo's more melancholic pieces and can be seen as a human response to seasonal transition. It's one of their uniquely longform explorations of mood and atmosphere as an air of romance drifts deftly into mystery and despair.. " - comes with ART PRINT 2022 €22.00
Clarte Deserte LP La Scie Doree SCIE 2922 "Forth unobserved I went - In darkness and security - By the secret ladder, in disguise, - In secret, seen of none, - Oh night more lovely than the dawn! - Lost to all things and myself, - And, amid the lillies forgotten, - Threw all my cares away" - 10 track studio album by Andrew Chalk and Timo van Luijk, recorded 2020-2021.... lim. 300 copies, sold out at the label already !! 2023 €23.50
Clarte Deserte (special edition) LP La Scie Doree SCIE 2922* eft-over copies of the special edition with handmade sleeve designed by ANDREW CHALK in the typical FARAWAY PRESS - style; comes with beautiful 12" x 12 " insert on dark blue art paper, with four postcards sticked to it, and on CLEAR vinyl... please note: the insert is SIGNED by both members, but NOT numbered! Only very few of this extra edition exist !! (UK import, directly from Andrew Chalk) 2023 €38.00