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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: La Scie Doree SCIE 1414
Release Year: 2014
Note: the fourth album finally in stock => two side long pieces with music that must be under a charm: really strange psychedelic/folky ambience with an irresistable subtleness and the typcial "nostalgic" flair, you feel like being locked in an experimental movie from the 70's.... or in an ancient painting of even earlier times.. ; performed on various instruments like flutes, chimes, bass & organ and cleverly layered & mixed... enchanting ambience!; lim. 350
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"Fourth album by Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk. 'A musical fantasy in two movements symbolising the evocative power and poetry of ancient illustration'. Edition of 300 copies." [label info]


"Elodies Miniatures Persanes (Persian miniature I would venture) is the fifth album of Chalks collaboration with Timo van Luyk and released on Van Luyks private label La Scie Dore. Available on both vinyl and in one of those beautiful handmade portfolio/slipcase covers that are also produced for Faraway Press albums, this record features two side long tracks that indeed conjure up images of Persia. The instrumentation and feel of Miniatures Persanes is not unlike that of The Circle Of Days, but there are differences that set it apart. The first side long track, Le Doigt dEtonnement (The Surprising Finger?), is a slow drone-like piece, filled with reverbed instruments, backwards tapes and what sounds like wind (electronic or real), giving it a thick rotating sound. Despite the lack of some breathing space and, indeed, surprise in the track itself, this is a fine musical piece. The second side, Illuminations, fares even better with more pensive and transparent playing, that much-needed breath of air and even a hint of melody. With more variety in its structure and playing, I prefer this over the first side. Miniatures Persanes is a beautiful and reflective record, that works very well on a quiet winter evening." [FK/Vital Weekly]