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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
At the base of the mind is coiled a serpent CD Le Cri de la Harpe HARP9   2004 €13.00
Same River Twice (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-68 Lim. 300 on clear blue vinyl with yellow spots, blue/green handpainted covers with unique handwritten poetry, each one totally unique 2004 €6.50  
The taste of Summer on your Skin mCD-R Taalem alm 15 three most beautiful & extremely subtle drone pieces from the Canadian, like a summer breeze... 2004 €5.00
Candescence CD-R Verato Project verazität: 034 second edition now available, again packed in a handmade nylon/pantihose-cover! 2005 €9.00
Green & Cold CD-R Gears of Sand [GOS21] professionally printed CDR release; LAST COPY! 2006 €13.00
Exoskeleton Heart CD-R Crucial Bliss BLISS 23 oversized cardboard-cover / ed. of 300 2007 €10.00
Scalpel CD The Kora Records TKR 008 (Micro Series #2) numb. ed. 500 / special cover 2007 €12.00
I fall into you CD Basses Frequences 0.1.4 re-issue of deleted CDR from 2002, one of our favourite "early" solo-works of him; the perfect combination of emotional drones & whispered poetry, with vocals by NAOMI OKABE and beautiful violin-loops of LISA ROSSITER-THORNTON... edition of 500 copies, better price 2008 €10.00
Gathering Blue do-LP Equation Records E=mc17 gatefold-cover lim. 444 copies designed by ALAN MC CLELLAND, coming in three vinyl colours! Feat. new material, a JOY DIVISION cover-version of "Twenty-four hours", the CICATRICE mCDR (Dreamland Rec.), THE TASTE OF SUMMER ON YOUR SKIN mCDR (Taalem), and two remixes of tracks by BUILDING CASTLES OUT OF MATCHSTICKS and TROUM that appeared before on the "Remixes" CDR (Arcolepsy). A wonderful collection of introspective & poetic drone-ambience ! 2009 €24.00
Liminoid / Lifeforms CD Alien8 Recordings ALIENCD87 composition for large ensemble (strings, guitars, amplified metal works), performed with 8 guest musicians ! 2010 €13.00
Bach eingeschaltet - vierter Band 7" Reue um Reue rur020 fourth part in this lovely series of J.S.BACH interpretations - AIDAN BAKER plays "Prelude" from Cello Suite # 1 in G Major (BWV 1007) and "Menuet II" from Cello Suite # 2 in D Minor (BWV 1008) in "drowning" and "drowned" versions ; lim. & numbered ed. 166 copies, on silver-grey vinyl! 2011 €14.00
Infinite Loop # 1 MC & objectcover Inselkind-Schalltraeger / Querschalltapes # 1 collector's item! A 1-minute "endless tape" (the ones used years ago for answering-machines) that plays a guitar loop infinitely in a row; comes in an ultra-heavy iron box (2 kg!) with handmade engraving, numbered edition of 87 copies !!! Easy to open & close !! 2011 €42.50
Lost in the Rat Maze CD Consouling Sounds SOUL0011 new album going more into a "postrockish" direction; lim. 900 2011 €13.00
Only Stories LP The Kora Records TKR19 lim. 500 beautiful & special packed letter-press sleeve, incl. download code for the whole album + one bonus 2011 €18.50
Pure Drone (Drone Compendium One) LP Beta-lactam Ring Records mt249 Killer-release by the NADJA-half, two side-long transcension drones that evolve like a living organism, created entirely on guitar... first part of the "Drone Compendium-series", lim. 400, 180gr vinyl, very nice & thick sleeves!! 2011 €15.00
Rictus. EP Collection CD Ohm Records 2.0 Ohm collection of four previously released (but most are deleted now) mini CDRs (2003-2008): Cicatrice, Blauserk, The Taste of Summer on your Skin, Fragile Movements in slow motion... lim. 200 only !! 2011 €13.00
Still Life CD Primary Numbers PRIMA 002 Again a new direction: this is a kind of nightshade Ambient-Jazz, using piano, drums & bass, all played by himself, droney & minimal & haunting, somewhere between BOHREN & NECKS maybe, Aquarius Rec. call it "Hypno-Jazz".. 2011 €14.00
Origins & Evolutions. A Composition for multiple Guitars CD Install Records INST019 maybe AIDAN BAKERs so far most time-consuming & elaborated project: a 4 part composition for multiple guitars, performed by various guitarists via mail-art / e-mail exchange, feat. N aka HELLMUT NEIDHARDT (& ex MULTER), MICK BARR (FLYING LUTTENBACHERS, etc.), DAVID DANIELL, BRYAN w. BRAY (GATES), DAVID TAGG, JON ATTWOOD (YELLOW6), JONATHAN DEMERS, etc. etc. => various layers of different guitar-sounds form a slow & droney piece evolving into.. something... 2012 €13.00
Aneira CD Glacial Movements GM017 absolute enchanting 'glacial' ambience, very subtle - melancholic, not from this world!; an album of great beauty and we think a masterpiece in AIDAN BAKERs discography ! 2013 €13.00
Souvenirs of the Eternal Present MC Anthem Records first ever (?) AIDAN BAKER tape, showing him in a full drone-mode but with surprising 'Kraut'-influences, using hypnotic drums & bass against wide shimmering drone & overtunes... C-30 lim. to 3 x 100 copies in three colours (of shells): red, green and blue, professional cover, numbered, comes with digital download code of the same album 2013 €11.00
Triptychs: Variations on a Melody CD Important Records IMPREC 410 new album influenced by ERIK SATIE'S 'furniture music' concept, using simple melodic lines as basis which are repeated and slowly develope & enlarged, performed by various invited artists such as PETER BRODERICK, JULIA KENT, LEAH BUCKAREFF (NADJA), AKI YAKAMOTO (VAMPILLIA) and others.. 2014 €15.00
Half Lives do-CD Gizeh Records GZH61CD two seperate albums that shows AIDAN BAKER as singer and songwriter, loosely based on improvisations but from then formed into constructed pieces => wonderful airy and most ethereal Jazz influenced songs, super slow and melancholic smooth post-rock, often sounding hazy and dreamy, almost wavering, with AIDAN's soft voice above = a wonderful album ! 2015 €16.50
Same River Twice 7inch Drone Records DR-68 / 2nd finally the re-edition of one of the most beautiful Drone EPs (both in sound & artwork) is out, more than 10 years after its first appearance this was the also the very first VINYL release of AIDAN BAKER => two pieces of shimmering guitar drone harmonics, with titles inspired by literature phrases; filed under: Poetic & trancy day-dream-drones ~ lim. 300, colour vinyl, new artwork by AIDAN himself !! 2015 €7.50
The Confessional Tapes LP Pleasance Records PRO44 ten 'experimental' songs with a very intimate & somehow odd fragmented character, based on old recovered files once lost in a harddisc crash, recorded back in Canada years ago... this evokes a very special atmosphere, suspended drone-jazz with subtle vocals & whispers.... "drifting between slowcore, dreampop, abstract jazz, and glitchy electronica." 2015 €21.00
The Sea swells a bit do-LP Ici d'ailleurs Mind Travels Serie MT 03 the first release in the new "Mind Travels" series of this French label is a vinyl re-issue of AIDAN BAKER's stunning album from 2006 => three longs tracks about the deepsea, the ocean, dying sailors, dense & inapproachable, dark & mysterious, working with mesmerizing layers & circles of long guitar loops, arising in slow Crescendos... beginning with track 2 smooth percussion & bass-grooves are pervading the drones, the whole gets slightly psychedelic... comes with new artwork & live bonus track! 2015 €20.00
Dualism do-CD Midira Records MD 022 three long phantastic tracks ["Consiousness Bridge", "Dualism (Body)", "Dualism (Mind)"] that completely mesmerize us with their dark sublimeness and use of unusual sounds (percussion plays a big role), inspired by the theme "Dualism"; as the original masters got lost first, a second recording was done, so this is released with two different versions of the same tracks on each CD, recorded in two different studios... lim. 200 2016 €18.50
Letters MC Music for Cassettes mfca a007 one of the classic / best AIDAN BAKER solo works, originally on Arcolepsy (CDr, 2001), and Basses Frequences (LP, 2008), out again as small MC (C-50) in a tiny edition (50 copies!): "LETTERS war 2001 einer der allerersten CDRs, die wir von AIDAN BAKER ins Programm nahmen... und die Begeisterung war groß! .. zwei lange, verträumte Stücken: guitar, bass, cymbals, vocals und tapes ergeben sinnliche, analog tönende Klangsphären mit genügend experimentellem Potential, insgesamt recht gitarrig.. " 2019 €8.00
An Instance of Rising / Liminoid CD Gizeh Records GZH96 AIDAN BAKER as a "classical composer"? - here are two examples of pieces made for classic ensembles, performed in Poland and Latvia: long sustained tones on clarinet, flute, sax and strings are evolving into more dynamic structures, delivered by piano and vibraphones ("An Instance of Rising"), the second longer piece "Liminoid" is performed with two drums, 2 guitars, 3 violins and singer and constructs a vivid minimalistic sculpture with post rocks elements.. lim.300, silkscreen cover, numbered 2020 €13.00
There / Not There LP Consouling Sounds SOULCLV highly recommended new album which appears to be more like a new (experimental shoegaze / post-rock) band project => DANA SCHECHTER on bass (she played with SWANS and AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB), FIONA McKENZIE from HALMA on drums, and AIDAN BAKER on guitar and foggy vocals, with three extremely sensitive pieces, ranging from most gentle instrumentation to walls of noise... - lim. vinyl version 2020 €16.50
There / Not There CD Consouling Sounds SOUL0155 highly recommended new album which appears to be more like a new (experimental shoegaze / post-rock) band project => DANA SCHECHTER on bass (she played with SWANS and AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB), FIONA McKENZIE from HALMA on drums, and AIDAN BAKER on guitar and foggy vocals, with three extremely sensitive pieces, ranging from most gentle instrumentation to walls of noise... - - mastered by SIMON SCOTT (SLOWDIVE)! CD version w. 4 panel cardboard sleeve 2020 €13.00
True Dreaming (to bend the World) CD Dissipatio DISS004 "The Dreaming Things Inside My Head" - a most fragile, lyrical album inspired from the "Broken Monsters" novel by LAUREN BEUKES and "The Death of Vivek Oji" by AKWAEKE EMEZI => using solely electric & acoustic guitar and his vulnerable voice, AIDAN BAKER created the perfect soundtrack made up of touching drones, dreams and speech fragments.. - lim. 200 copies on a new Italian label 2021 €13.00