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BAKER, AIDAN - The Sea swells a bit

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Ici d'ailleurs Mind Travels Serie MT 03
Release Year: 2015
Note: the first release in the new "Mind Travels" series of this French label is a vinyl re-issue of AIDAN BAKER's stunning album from 2006 => three longs tracks about the deepsea, the ocean, dying sailors, dense & inapproachable, dark & mysterious, working with mesmerizing layers & circles of long guitar loops, arising in slow Crescendos... beginning with track 2 smooth percussion & bass-grooves are pervading the drones, the whole gets slightly psychedelic... comes with new artwork & live bonus track!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €20.00

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"As a Canadian musician currently living in Berlin, Aidan Baker got first famous as half part of the prolific project Nadja, playing along with Leah Buckareff. LP after LP and collaboration after collaboration (A Storm of Light, Atavist, Year of no Light....), Nadja never ceased to explore the different aspects of ambient, noise and drone music. Also a prolific solo composer, Aidan Baker is well-known by experimental and alternative music fans as much for his solo albums as for his prestigious collaborations with some artists (Tim Hecker, Thisquietarmy, Noveller...) and famous music labels (Denovali, Important, Lattitudes, Gizeh...). Today, Mind Travels is very proud to present the first vinyl edition of one of his key records, A Sea Swells a Bit...., first released in 2006. Three long ambient titles that will likely make you shiver and lose your senses. A live version of the eponymous title is also joined as a bonus.
The artwork, again designed by Francis Meslet (Urbex), intensifies in the most admirable manner the depth of this dizzying music." [label info]


"AIDAN BAKER besingt die tiefe See, den Ozean, sterbende Seemnner. Dicht und undurchdringlich, dunkel gefrbt & geheimnis-umwebt sind seine drei langen Stcke auf dieser CD fr den SMALL VOICES-Ableger. Wie so oft arbeitet BAKER mit urlangen Gitarrenloops, schichtet Zirkel auf Zirkel und sich allmhlich aufbauenden Crescendos.... ab dem zweiten Stck durchziehen sanfte Perkussion und Bass-Grooves die Flchen, und das ganze erhlt einen leichten Psychedelic-Touch...." [Drone Records text zur CD version 2006]