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BAKER, AIDAN - Still Life

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Primary Numbers PRIMA 002
Release Year: 2011
Note: Again a new direction: this is a kind of nightshade Ambient-Jazz, using piano, drums & bass, all played by himself, droney & minimal & haunting, somewhere between BOHREN & NECKS maybe, Aquarius Rec. call it "Hypno-Jazz"..
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"This Toronto native has been recording and releasing music for over a decade, amassing a staggering catalog as a solo artist, in numerous collaborations with musicians such as Tim Hecker, Thisquietarmy, Z'EV and Jakob Thiesen, as well as a member of the groups Nadja, ARC, Whisper Room, Mnemosyne, and Infinite Light Ltd. Recorded in the winter of 2010 at Commonweath Studios in Toronto, Still Life is a departure from the sound Aidan Baker is most known for, as it features no guitar, no distortion, and no drone. Still Life is an album with Baker performing only on piano, drums, and upright bass, charting the un-navigated waters somewhere between Bohren and Blue Note." [label info]


"Aidan Baker is a household name - I am sure of that. The man has many releases under his belt, solo and with Nadja. Here he stripped down his usual working methods of many looping devices and guitars in favor of three instruments: piano, drums and upright bass. It doesn't mean that the electronics are completely gone, but they play a minor role here. For this album we need to look down under too, and especially at Australia's Hello Square label. What Baker does here sounds like Spartak, 3ofmillions and Infinite Decimals. Jazz like music, improvised music but utterly laidback and 'easy' sounding. Quiet, pastoral music never hectic free jazz or disturbed free improvisations but always in control over the three primary instruments, with the electronics making small ornaments around the pieces, this is some true gorgeous music. An excellent CD and a great move, I think, for Baker to step outside what he normally does and try something new. Now that's what more people should do." [FdW/Vital Weekly]