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Les Fleurs du Mal CD-R Soulworm Editions we could get back few copies back in of some release from the Polish dark ambient / industrial label SOULWORM, all in highly professional design! This one by Ukrainian Drone Rec. project IN MEDITARIUM comes in full-colour cardboard-cover w. inlay and is limited to 300 copies 2002 €10.00
Uterus CD-R Wrong Eye / OMS Records WE:01 /OMS-06 CDR rare second album (professionally printed cover) by the Ukrainian trance / ritual drone-ambient project & Drone Records artist, lim. 100, last copies !! 2004 €9.00
Mare Internum 7inch Drone Records DR-75 Esoteric inner-cosmic / mother-womb drones, pre-symbolic surroundings attracting your unconscious. first ed. 300 copies / white vinyl / selfmade covers / 2005 €7.00
Drift in Sodom CD Old Captain OCCD08 'meditation music for the darker minds' - the project of OLEGH KOLYADA (FIRST HUMAN FERRO, etc.) and SERGEY SVISTELNIK (FILIVS MACROCOSMI) presents the 'Panoptikvm series' (1998-2008) which includes the deleted Drone Records EP "Mare Internum" (2005); slowly moving drone-clouds, timeless & organic drifting in abyssal areas... lim. 200 copies only! 2013 €13.00
Plexus / Uterus do-CD Old Captain Records OCCD50 / Mertvi Bdzholy MBCD002 Ukraine's IN MEDITARIVM was the project of SERGEY SVISTELNIK, who died in January 2018, and OLEGH KOLYADA (FIRST HUMAN FERRO, etc.); in 2005 they released a wonderful 7" EP on Drone Records (DR-75); this is now the remastered re-issue of the two albums "Les Fleurs Du Mal" (Soulworm 2002) and "Uterus" (OMS Rec. 2004), with three exlusive bonus tracks, a great last statement of their "Esoteric / industrialized / martial mother-womb drones" Muzak; lim. 500, special price 2019 €13.00