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Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Drone Records DR-75
Release Year: 2005
Note: Esoteric inner-cosmic / mother-womb drones, pre-symbolic surroundings attracting your unconscious. first ed. 300 copies / white vinyl / selfmade covers /
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IN MEDITARIUM is maybe Ukraine's finest dark ambient-project at this time, consisting of Sergey Svistelnik (who also runs the UKRAINIAN DARK SYNDICATE and is musically active as FILIVS MACROCOSMI), and Oleg Kolyada (mastermind of FIRST HUMAN FERRO (F.H.F.) / ODA RELICTA). MARE INTERNUM, their first vinyl-release, is a perfect example for esoteric organic drones that impress with their density and fullness: slowly waving drones, sub-bass pulses, totally suspended & hidden harmonies appear in the background and soft ringing-tones, like being in an huge organic cathedral...
Listening to IN MEDITARIUM-sounds might give you an impression of touching something unknown, yet known unconsciously from some forgotten time... like being suspended in warm mothers womb....
The coverartwork shows a combined symbol made of Yantra (meditation), Rosa (woman) and OM (the absolute), showing the way from Uterus to Universe. WHITE VINYL. SILKSCREENED SYMBOL-COVERS [press release]

...As so often with Drone Records-releases they appear to be too short at first, only to release their magic after repeated listenings. Soon youll find yourself flipping sides like a drunken man in hypnosis, one step deeper into the labyrinth each time. As long as it still breeds music as evocative as this, youd almost wish for Industrial Culture never to disappear from Russia. [Tokafi]