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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Rust Red September CD Cherry Red Records CDM RED 111 re-issue of their maybe most beautiful album from 1983, plus 6 bonus-tracks from the same period 1994 €14.00
Sixth Sense CD Cherry Red Records CDMRED207 25 tracks 1980-1985 ! lots of early material probably unknown for most ! 2002 €13.00
No Noise. A 25th Anniversary Celebration: the very best of Eyeless in Gaza CD Cherry Red Records CDMRED278 best of, 22 tracks 2005 €13.00
Plague of Years : Songs and Instrumentals 1980-2006 CD Sub Rosa SR263 a collection of 21 songs by one of the "most underrated groups" to emerge from the UK post punk / experimental scene, back in stock! - "...one honest encounter with one of their songs will send the listener scrambling for more. The music here is beauty that is so out of place in this world, it can scarcely be borne." [Thom Jurek/Allmusic.com] - comes w. nice 8-panel-digipack + booklet 2006 €12.00
Summer Salt & Subway Sun CD Ambivalent Scale A-Scale 033 numbered ed. 1000 / we got few of the SIGNED copies - act fast if you want one (same price) ! 2006 €13.50
Caught in Flux CD Cherry Red Records CDM RED 145 re-issue of the debut-album (LP & 12") from 1981, remastered version 2008 2008 €14.00
Photographs as Memories CD Cherry Red Records CDM RED 166 re-issue of the second album from 1981, plus 7 bonus-tracks from two EPs released the same year (Invisibility 7" & Others 7"); remastered version 2008 2008 €14.00
Summer Salt & Subway Sun 3 x CD-Box Beta-lactam Ring Records mt210/ mt121 * The expanded / re-issued version of "Summer Salt & Subway Sun"; 'lim. ed. 400 in beautiful box with bonus-album "Wildcat Fights" !! LAST COPY!! 2008 €30.00
Summer Salt & Subway Sun do-CD Beta-lactam Ring Records mt210/ mt121 The expanded / re-issued version of "Summer Salt & Subway Sun"; contains one full CD (Ambivalent Scale A-Scale 034) with 10 tracks that are not on the original album ; standard ed. of 600 copies, comes in deluxe full colour book bound box, 16 page booklet, book bound CD cases 2008 €19.00
All under the Leaves, the Leaves of Life CD Cherry Red Records CDM RED 391 re-issue of their beautiful 1996-album, comes with two bonus-tracks; special offer ! 2009 €8.00
Everyone feels like a Stranger CD Ambivalent Scale A-SCALE 041 new studio album with 12 tracks by the British cultband (with MARTYN BATES), more song-oriented & less improvised as before... "a collective meditation upon the double-edged sense of exhilaration and closeness that can occur when one enters that peculiar state of mind and being that being alone can sometimes give" 2011 €13.00
Orange Ice & Wax Crayon CD Catsun cat9 re-issue of the LP from 1992, which was a compilation of outtakes, rejected and unreleased tracks rec. 1981-1985, thus going back to the very early experimental (post-punk and raw atmospheric) beginnings of the band, but also showing their poppier evolution... great collection for the fans, none of these tracks ever appeared on the regular albums 2012 €13.00
Mania Sour CD Ambivalent Scale Recordings ASR 049 Aether Tears! Three years after "Everyone feels like a Stranger" EIG are back with an album based mainly on guitar, bass, voice & drums with a very direct "live in the studio" feel, emotional and ecstatic as in their earliest days... 2014 €13.00
Rust Red September do-LP Letthemeatvinyl LETV273LP re-issue of the great EIG album from 1983, comes with 6 rare bonus tracks (from rare 12"es) w. gatefold-sleeve on coloured vinyl 2015 €28.50
Sun Blues CD Ambivalent Scale A-Scale 055 great return by the exceptional 'Pop meets Avantgarde' - duo of MARTYN BATES and PETER BECKER, on their journey for 36 years now! " An imaginative, emotional, headswirling buzz to wrap up another fascinating release from the always reliable duo, who never fail to excite us while eliciting nuances of emotional responses that are all-too-rare in this cookie-cutter, commercial world of Voices, Idols, and other nameless, brainless distractions." [Jeff Penczak / Ptolemaic Terrascope] 2016 €13.00
Skeletal Framework (The Cherry Red Recordings 1981-1986) 5 x CD BOX Cherry Red CRCDBOX128 this collects the complete early EIG recordings for Cherry Red, compiled and curated by MARTIN BATES and PETE BECKER, with their new sleeve and "song-by-song" notes, sorted stylistically / thematically per disc: "Rock and Rhythmic", "Pop Tunes Etc,.", "Approximate Ballads..", "Atmos-Songs", and "Experiments and Improv", each reflecting one of their many sides.. 102 tracks, clamshell box 2022 €49.50