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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ambivalent Scale Recordings ASR 049
Release Year: 2014
Note: Aether Tears! Three years after "Everyone feels like a Stranger" EIG are back with an album based mainly on guitar, bass, voice & drums with a very direct "live in the studio" feel, emotional and ecstatic as in their earliest days...
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" ❖ Completed June 2014 and recorded at Hansa Studios, Berlin and at A-Scale Studios, Nuneaton UK, Mania Sour is an album that serves up a different twist on the soundworlds Eyeless In Gaza have inhabited of late perhaps suggesting new parallels on the abrasive stylings displayed on the bands early 80s classic albums Photographs as Memories and Caught in Flux. Offering a glorious blend of uniquely Eyeless type e-guitars & full-on percussion, Mania Sour presents a brash, strident set of distinctively Bates/Becker style songs that snarl n soar with passion and bite.

❖ With the core of the album recorded live in the studio Mania Sour is overall an electric guitar n drums fuelled album, and its worth noting that, in terms of its subject matter the album is definitely not the jeremiad you might think were you to judge by the title alone. The mania here is that of time passing and experience, of appetite and urge, of perseverance/persistence & determination a hard-won sense of righteousness at that which must not be allowed to sour.

❖ Addressing inner worlds, inner spaces, delicate and violent possession, sharpened perceptions, and, significantly, the cry of the eternal the first songs of the will and how they find voice in the world the long-serving Eyeless In Gaza duo of Martyn Bates and Peter Becker celebrate all of this, kicking hell out of guitars and drums on Mania Sour along the way while also offering glimpses of the madness of joy and the ways in which all of us increasingly find that it is only you that can save your own life and that:
If we are everywhere complicit, we are also everywhere active ..

Listen to Aether Tears from the album on Soundcloud:

Mania Sour is released via A-Scale on August 4th, 2014 and directly available from
http://www.eyelessingaza.com + later through iTunes & Amazon + Rough Trade." [label info]