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"Anne Gillis, also known as Manon Anne Gillis, is an artist, composer and performer. Her music consists of usually short tracks build from looped sound samples originated mostly from found objects and, prominently, her own voice purring, hushing, and growling. There is an animal and primitive quality to her sound palette, her concrete music being made of closely miked bodily sound samples, but also because of the elementary means of composing she uses: only brief instalments, simple loops of admittedly elaborated sounds."


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" - " LP Art Into Life AIL 026 the legendary French experimental / post industrial / un-categorizable artist with first album after 27 years, and it sounds incredible: hard to define electronic sounds and pulses, her voice shines through somehow, clinical sinus tones sounds in patterns.. strange hums and creaks, etheral choirs from another dimension, ancient beat box sounds, a French voice from somewhere, background static.. - lim. 300 copies, DL code, Japan import 2021 €30.00