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GILLIS, ANNE - Vhoysee

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Art Into Life - AIL 032
Release Year: 2023
Note: the six tracks from her first cassette-only release "Angebigue" (1983), a true collector's item, plus 4 new re-mixed / re-worked compositions made up from the same minimal synth sources, imagine D.D,A,A, mixed with electronic chansons and incredible intimate singing...- lim. 200, Japan import
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

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The first Manon Anne Gillis release was a single-sided mini-album titled Angebigu, which was Manons self-release in 1983. Angebigu was 6-track mini-album in a cold-minimal-synth vein, and any track from Angebigu were not included in her retrospective 5CD Box Archives Box 1983-2005, which Art into Life released in 2015. Angebigu was privately released in tiny edition for her friends only and has been a highly sought-after item among collectors.

Vhoysee is Manons long-awaited new album, and the album collects her latest six pieces and four re-worked / re-mixed tracks from Angebigu. The latest six pieces are physical subject-based composition with minimum elements, whereas re-worked / re-mixed tracks from Angebigu are simple rhythm-oriented pieces with her glacial sound texture. In Vhoysee, the past and present are interwoven and linked together in a kind of labyrinth.

1983年にカセットフォーマットでリリースされたManon Anne Gillisの1stミニアルバム[Angebigu]。そこから本人が4曲を厳選し新たなリワーク及びリマスタリグ版を制作、新作音源と共に纏め上げ完成させた待望の8thソロアルバム。[Angebigu]はArt Into Lifeが2015年に出版した5CDアーカイヴボックスに収録出来なかった音源であり、長年復刻が望まれていた希少なプライベート作品。ミニマルシンセやコールドウェイヴを踏襲しつつも、彼女らしい冷ややかなテクスチャーで仕上げられたリズムトラックの数々。悍ましい物質感を強く押し出した新録と共に不穏な記録として纏めている。

The album was mastered by Jos Smolders, and vinyl comes with DL code that has all tracks.