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Memory makes Noise CD Small Voices SVR06021 first solo-album by the Italian electro-acoustic/ experimental ambient composer, three long excellent tracks using a wide range of (found) sounds and spoken voices that build at times beautiful droney, at times more daring & noisy acoustic landscapes that appear to be almost ear-play like, very minimal, dense & refined.. released by the now defunct Small Voices label, lim. 500, last copies, don't miss it !! 2006 €10.00
(In)Visible Fields do-CD Silentes Minimal Editions SME1145 collection of live, theatre and installation-works of a highly experimental / abstract nature; really challenging stuff combining elements from various styles / sound-sources / conceptual ideas, often monumental droney & bizarre... - very nice overview about the 'non-compositorical' side from GIANLUCA BECUZZI 2011 €13.00
Eternally now CD Lisca Records LISCA 010 exciting new release by this Italian composer (known for his project KINETIX) using many structured metal / gong / bell-sounding elements and powerful drones, along with field recordings, polylayered voice material, etc... very interesting & versatile release, very much recommended !! 2011 €12.00
Nothing is what it seems CD Silentes Minimal Editions sme 1152 another new great album by BECUZZI with a wide range of sounds & atmospheres, heavenly drone-movements, absurd field recording-mixtures, more concrete mechanical metal vibes & complex noise-parts = electronics, environmental or concrete material from objects is arranged in an ever surprising & stunning way, every track is different. Recommended again !! 2011 €12.00
Trax to Trax do-CD Silentes Minimal Editions SME1256 collection of very experiMENTAL material rec. 2006-2011 and mostly taken from now deleted releases, feat. many guest-musicians like NIGEL AYERS (NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS), FABIO ORSI, PIETRO RIPARBELLI (K11), etc.. very suggestive & dense compositions with an amazing variety (lots of vocal material), pointing to unconscious realms & inner worlds... 2012 €13.00
(B)Haunted CD Silentes Minimal Editions sme 1362 re-issue of the material from two rare / deleted releases: 'Haunted' (MC/ CD-R) from 2011 and 'B' from Silentes (MC, 2011); experimental, ghostly ambient industrial often based on metallic sounds, raw & unpolished, with handplayed percussive & noisy outbreaks... think of ORGANUM, droning Z'EV, etc.. 2014 €12.00
We can be Everywhere CD-R FinalMuzik FMSSD01 rare album by the Italian soundartist and long active post industrialist, filled with solo-works and collaborations (with SVART1, RETINA.IT and DEISON); 9 tracks of 'intelligent' constructed noise & advanced experimental drone... lim. 200 2014 €10.00
Faraway from Light CD Luca Sia 014 / Show Me Your Wounds Prod. intense work based on field recordings made in the Teufelsberg towers in Berlin, this place with incredible history and the resonances of the empty buildings served as inspiration and concrete sound basis, the central track "The Addiction" moves into multi-layered drone noise and back to the pure bleak groaning and squeaking of the materials, before it all collapses in sheer metallic noise.. - lim. 190 copies digipak 2016 €13.00
The Bunker Years CD St.An.Da. 1917 a very strong collection of works, inspired by the idea of existing in a bunker as protection and autonomy zone, building an existential boundary, 'a refuge from the outside world, from its rules and its conditioning'... the material here is characterized through it's weighty sound strokes, the almost unbearable tension, the use of field- and object recordings; massive post industrial and drone with philosophic approach, excellent all around!! Highly recommdended! 2019 €12.00
Black Mantra do-CD Silentes / St.An.Da 2355 after a series of compelling works "Black Mantra" is inspired by the goddess of KALI, the "Anit-Mother" , BECUZZI mixes Indian classical music with doom metal influences and post industriial - choir chants and bell sounds are confronted with heavy bass + guitar noises and drones, its a powerful, abyssal but still somehow fragile and transcendental soundworld.... really surprising and innovative arrangements, wow.. lim. 200 copies 2023 €16.00
We can be Everywhere do-CD FinalMuzik FM28 re-issue of the rare CDr from 2014, featuring three solo works and three collaborations (with DEISON, RETINA.IT , SVART 1) all,amongst his best dark industrial and tension ambience based material, for the re-issue one full new disc with material based on the original CDr has been created, which can be seen aa a seperate new entity, with doomy guitar walls and ritualistic timbres.. 2023 €15.00