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BECUZZI, GIANLUCA - Eternally now

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Lisca Records LISCA 010
Release Year: 2011
Note: exciting new release by this Italian composer (known for his project KINETIX) using many structured metal / gong / bell-sounding elements and powerful drones, along with field recordings, polylayered voice material, etc... very interesting & versatile release, very much recommended !!
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More Info

"More music by Gianluca Becuzzi (see Vital Weekly 810 for his previous release), and another one that doesn't reveal much in terms of information. Just a titles and the year it was produced. Its however some kind of concept album. The opening and closing tracks are 2:33 each, while the three tracks in the middle last 12:48. Also from the titles there are similarities: 'Culture vs Nature', 'Nature vs Culture', two parts of 'The Essential Nowhere' and 'Rings Of Time'. Probably that should give the listener enough clues - although I am not entirely sure. Becuzzi uses again quite an amount of field recordings and electronic processing thereof. We hear walking in a room, rain - with loops of percussive sound in 'The Essential Nowhere [a]', and lots of electronics coming into the scenery. Sometimes resulting in a full on electronic sound, but at other times quite sparse, such in the opening minutes of 'Rings Of Time', but it seems always that force takes over. For one reason or another I think this album has also a bit more instruments in play, although I couldn't figure which they are, since they too seem to be covered with sound effects, but taken from a multitude of improvisations. Most likely they are guitars, bass and other things with strings. It makes a crowded scene at times, but this CD is even better than that previous one. One that easily grows and one gets attached too. Great textured music, growing away from the known field of processed field recordings into a more psychedelic field of well, why not popmusic even (glockenspiel in 'The Essential Nature [b]'!). Excellent CD!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]