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BECUZZI, GIANLUCA - Faraway from Light

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Luca Sia 014 / Show Me Your Wounds Prod.
Release Year: 2016
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"Faraway From Light" is a tripartite CD in a short intro, an equally short outro and a long central composition. Much of the sound sources used in these tracks were recorded in the towers of Teufelsberg in Berlin, a NASA center located in the west of the city, abandoned by British and American intelligence after the fall of the Wall. Teufelsberg, literally "mountain of the devil", stands on an artificial hill, obtained from the sedimentation of the remains of bombings of the Second World War. Its huge empty spaces have very peculiar resonant qualities, which make it a place of particular acoustic interest. After assembling and organizing the materials recorded in Berlin, in 2013, Gianluca Becuzzi presented "Faraway From Light" as a soundtrack for Abel Ferrara's film "The Addiction" at the Cagliari festival "Solo Il Mio Nero". In line with its most recent production, Becuzzi's work is positioned between extreme noise and contemporary experimentation. The dialectic between the continuum of long droning drafts and the swarming of material manipulations, together with the plasticity of full and empty spaces, wrapped in a persistent nocturnal tension, define the figure of "Faraway From Light". Luce Sia and SMYW are pleased to present this work by Gianluca Becuzzi on CD, confident that it is a title that adds an important record contribution to his long career as an author and sound researcher.