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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Transgender Warrior 7inch Klanggalerie gg62 lim./ numbered 150 copies / LAST COPY! 2003 €20.00
Camouflage Heart LP WHEESHT Scratch 702 re-issue of great debut album from 1984 / vinyl version 2007 €16.00
In this World CD WHEESHT Scratch 703 re-issue of the two different albums with same title from 1988 2007 €14.00
The Crackle of my Soul CD Editions Mego 097 first full album since "Wappinschaw" (1994) !! NEW material recorded 2001-2009 2009 €13.50
Up here in the Clouds CD Editions MEGO eMego 106 follower to last years "Crackle of my Soul" with the "new" Cindytalk sound; floating dronescapes, raw & beautiful at the same time.. 2010 €13.50
Hold Everything Dear do-LP Editions Mego 122V last part of the ambient trilogy that started with "The Crackle of my Soul", highly abstract digi-drone ambience with use of field recordings, inspired by JOHN BERGER's book "Hold Everything Dear"; lim. ed. gatefold-cover 2011 €20.00
Silver 7inch Tourette Records tourette 023 first part in the "We Dream in Colour" series, presenting 7 acts working on different colours (combined with live-shows in Athens, Greece); this is the first part, colour: SILVER. Edition of 300 2011 €10.00
A Life is Everywhere LP Editions Mego eMEGO 167 six new tracks recorded in London & Japan, feat. one remix for MIMETIC; digital metallic noise is set against mellow synth-drones, storms of fizzling analogue clouds & white noise winds combined with subtle drone expanses...'a schizophrenic creation, the quieter, often acoustic moments buffering against repeated onslaughts of brutal technological noise' [Dusted Mag]; lim. vinyl version 2013 €16.50
touchedRAWKISSEDsour CD Handmade Birds HB-069 new studio album to the 30th (!) anniversary of his famous 'Camouflage Heart' album => quite massive and sinister, highly idiosyncratic, abstract ambient compositions with a somehow elevating effect, often filled with powerful digital distortion and waving field recordings, but there are also wonderful moments of yearning and romanticism... 2014 €13.00
The Wind is strong (lim. marble smoke viny) LP DAIS Rec. - DAIS170 re-issue of LP from 1990 - the third album by the unique Scottish industrial/ambient /experimental/poetry project of GORDON / CINDY SHARP, recorded for a film project that couldn't be realized => "a mix of musique concrte, haunted reverie, and desolate beauty. Even unaccompanied by their intended visuals, this is overtly cinematic music, conjuring forests at dusk and shadowed corridors, equal parts remote and reflective..." - lim. vinyl version on marble/smoke vinyl 2021 €23.50
Wappinschaw (lim. clear red vinly) LP DAIS Rec. - DAIS 169 first ever re-issue of the fourth CINDYTALK LP from 1995, and the last of the "first phase", a most remarkable mixture of styles and approaches between beauty and aggression, as impressive as "Camouflage Heart", comes with rare bonus tracks... " As beautiful as it is strange, and as savage as it is delicate. There is no other record even remotely like it, and very few that equal it's artistic process. " [dreamritual] lim. colour vinyl version 2021 €23.50