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Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Tourette Records tourette 023
Release Year: 2011
Note: first part in the "We Dream in Colour" series, presenting 7 acts working on different colours (combined with live-shows in Athens, Greece); this is the first part, colour: SILVER. Edition of 300
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"We dream in colour, is the title of the new Live music project, curetted by six d.o.g.s (www.sixdogs.gr) and Angelos Petroutsas (Prince of Poverty), that consists of seven live concerts in the Gig Space of six d.o.g.s venue in Athens Greece, starting from February 2011 and ending in December 2011 of seven music artists, and the release of seven 7 by Tourette Records, in which the artists shall contribute music for the project.

Each artist has been assigned with one colour in a journey from the moon to the sun, and each 7 is considered as a blooming coloured flower and as seen in the art work of the jacket a bee dancing in coordinates with the sun showing to other bees where the nectar music can be found and a solar clock pointing the time of each live concert taking place in Athens.

Each 7 vinyl shall be released in the colour assigned to each artist in 300 limited edition copies and the artistic direction is by Pindaros (www.arsondpi.gr), the first seven vinyls from each release will be all united in a limited edition box of seven copies in the form of a bee hive made from black non see through Plexiglas, with a surprised art work inside to be revealed to the ones that acquire them, plus as each box will be dedicated to each artist taking part in this will include also the test press for each one.

The artists that are participating in the project and their colours are as follows :

Silver - Cindytalk

Yellow - COH

Red - Οthon & Tomasini

Green - Troum

Violet - Mark Spybey (Dead Voices on Air) & Jochen Arbeit

Blue - Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo & Little Annie (USA)

Orange - ?" [label info]