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Crossings CD Lovely Music LCD 1018 works from 1982-1985 1990 €13.00
I am sitting in a Room CD Lovely Music LCD 1013 the most famous sound art piece from 1970 (this version was recorded in 1980 and came first out as LP in 1981) => LUCIER is repeating a text about what he does - recording his voice in this room, and playing the recorded sounds again into it - until the resonances of the multiple re-recordings take over and the voice diminishes and disappears - "The space acts as a filter; the speech is transformed into pure sound" - and you can follow this process in "real time".. - comes. w booklet, back in stock ! 1990 €15.00
Music on a long thin wire CD Lovely Music LCD 1011 rec. from 1979 1992 €13.00
Almost New York do-CD Pogus Productions 21057-2 Four quite NEW pieces (written 2001-2006) by the famous conceptual / electronic / minimal composer, feat. CHARLES CURTIS on cello and others.. - *Almost New York employs slow sweep pure wave oscillators, Broken Line, flute glissandi. In Twonings two different tuning systems collide and in Coda Variations slight variations in pitch are heard chronologically.* 2011 €18.50
Still and Moving Lines CD Pogus Productions P21072-2 four LUCIER works performed by the Australian new music ensemble DECIBEL, three were recorded for the first time: "Ever Present" (2002), "Carbon Copies" (1989), "Hands" (1994), and "Shelter" (1967)... 'amazing examples of Alvin Luciers fertile mind and exploring, experimental sensibility' 2014 €13.00
Dark Matter LP GOD Records GOD30 highly minimal / droning works merging electronics, tapes and flute drones: 'Still and moving lines of Silence in families of hyperbolas' (1984), '13 degrees of darkness' (2013), 'Double Himalaya' (2012); "I use the pure sound of the instruments, with alterations in tuning to make audible [acoustic] beating" 2015 €20.50
So You... (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydice) CD Black Truffle BT044 a truly astonishing (1 hour long) new LUCIER piece, inspired by the Orpheus myth experienced from Eurydices perspective, working with speakers mounted inside amphoraes, sine waves, clarinet, cello and female voice (feat CHARLES CURTIS and JESSIKA KENNEY... "This record has all of the mind-bending acoustic effects youd expect from a Lucier piece, but also features a strong sense of narrative drama and flashes of raw emotion that are unexpected and deeply affecting." 2018 €14.50
Orpheus Variations CD Important Records IMPREC 469 a NEW composition by LUCIER for solo cello (performed by CHARLES CURTIS) and 7 wind instruments, based on the first movement of STRAVINSKYs ballet score "Orpheus", focused to transfer it's special 'sonority': "A sonority is the product of physical action on physical materials.... An energy field, certain to vanish completely once the musicians put down their instruments. However concrete and real the actions and materials, the sonority they produce is a phantom." 2019 €14.00
Works for the Ever Present Orchestra do-LP Black Truffle 060 Four long pieces written for the thirteen-member 'Ever Present Orchestra', formed in 2016 exclusively to perform LUCIER's works, with four electric guitars played with e-bows to create "pure wave" oscillatior-like tunes (feat. S. O'MALLEY and O. AMBARCHI amongst many others on saxophon, piano, violins, bowed glockenspiel...) - "the pieces recorded here focus on acoustic phenomena, especially beating patterns, produced by the interference between closely tuned pitches"; gatefold sleeve + DL code w. bonus! 2020 €26.00