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LUCIER, ALVIN - Music on a long thin wire

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Lovely Music LCD 1011
Release Year: 1992
Note: rec. from 1979
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Bei diesen Aufnahmen von 1979 erzeugte der kreative Konzept-Minimalist ALVIN LUCIER stehende Sounds mit einem langen, aufgespannten Metalldraht, einem Elektromagneten und einem audio oscillator (genaue Beschreibung im Booklet), Die Sounds entwickeln sich in unvorhersagbarer Weise und sind reich an Obertnen und Feedbacks..

A 50-foot length of taut wire passes through the poles of a large magnet and is driven by an oscillator; the vibrations of the wire are miked at either end, amplified and broadcast in stereo. The thin wire is set vibrating four times at four different frequencies; what results is not the low drone one might expect from a long, vibrating wire, but a complexity of evocative, ethereal chords. First released on Lovely Music in 1980, Music on a Long Thin Wire is a classic example of Alvin Lucier's investigations into the physics of sound and the sonic properties of natural processes. [label notes]