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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Utica (SOLD OUT) 7 Drone Records DR-96 harmonic distortion-drones of a higher beauty; the rising drone-star from the active Montreal-scene; white vinyl, lim. 300 2009 €7.00  
VII CD Important Records IMPREC 289 new album by Drone Records artists AUN, on the prolific IMPORTANT RECORDS !! 2010 €14.00
Full Circle 10inch Denovali den131 three track EP with very electronic / cosmic / ambient material, pulsating & mesmerizing... feat. FREDERIC ARBOUR (VISION) and ERIC QUACH (THISQUIETARMY); lim. 500 2012 €15.00
Alpha Heaven CD Denovali Records DEN 172 Space is the Place ! It seems AUN has left the darkness behind to reach out for a more '70's cosmic' & shimmering, ambient waft; Alpha Heaven sounds very dreamy, amorph & uplifting, with occasionally rhythms, female vocals, melodic arrangements, somewhere between TANGERINE DREAM & TIM HECKER ?? 2013 €14.50