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Zimiamvian Night 2 CD Infraction INFX 014 debut-CD of this "extended minimal / drone" project known from a fabulous CDR only release on the same label; hyper-subtle drone pulsations, strangely harmonic, soft & mellow but somehow cryptic..... 2007 €13.50
Zimiamvian Night 3 do-CD Infraction INFX 054 this mysterious experimental drone ambience project from the U.S. produced only three albums in 14 years - here's the third one based on 'dead / lost files' of piano phrases and foggy, evolving hiss drones and evolving pulses, very minimal and contemplative... the second CD is only available "physically" with this editon, with luxus gatefold-cover, 300 copies 2018 €17.50