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ZIMIAMVIAN NIGHT - Zimiamvian Night 2

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Infraction INFX 014
Release Year: 2007
Note: debut-CD of this "extended minimal / drone" project known from a fabulous CDR only release on the same label; hyper-subtle drone pulsations, strangely harmonic, soft & mellow but somehow cryptic.....
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"Mike Bennett's guitar-based ambient drone is draped across sounds created on the other side of the world. Using New Zealander Christopher Orczy's harmonium works from his October release as a basis, Bennett recreates an entirely new majestic work. The result is a chilly, nearly mournful depiction of the sound of northern lights as they ascend and fall in the night sky. Bennett previously released his debut, Zimiamvian Night 1 on Infraction Records in 2005. It was a dark cavernous foray into Zoviet-style old-school ambient with tape loops and guitar-based drone. This new work is a leap forward in texture and atmosphere two years in the making." [label info]