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ZIMIAMVIAN NIGHT - Zimiamvian Night 3

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Infraction INFX 054
Release Year: 2018
Note: this mysterious experimental drone ambience project from the U.S. produced only three albums in 14 years - here's the third one based on 'dead / lost files' of piano phrases and foggy, evolving hiss drones and evolving pulses, very minimal and contemplative... the second CD is only available "physically" with this editon, with luxus gatefold-cover, 300 copies
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More Info

The recording was dead. A lifeless piece of audio "lost" (filed) on a dusty hard drive and purposely dropped under a nameless 'untitled' folder. The men and women of the Zimiamvian Night collective were content to move on, record more pieces, capture other lights, and bathe in distant ambiences far, far away.

The Wolf (indeed his real name) caught word of this abandoned audio and offered to inject some life, and perhaps revive what was left behind. After careful listening, tape splicing (uploading) and pain staking attention to the neverending, everlasting drone notes, blowing wind and dappled environmental samples - a new recording emerged and is now presented here. Alive and well.

Zimiamvian Night 3 is the collection over 2 discs of the before, after and in-between. It is meant to document this transition and serves as a reference point to the story that spans years, the accidental audio diary passively collected on tape and the mysterious end result.

Double CD set. 1st CD available via digital stream, download and digital consumption. 2nd CD available only through the physical product, no download. Keep the physical medium alive - thank you.

Gatefold mini-lp Stoughton tip-on sleeve with each disc housed in its own cardstock envelope. 300 or so copies. Design by none other than Tim O'Donnell.