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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
eaRLy W LP Swill Radio 016   1999 €11.50
Merry Merry 7 Meeuw Muzak 027 white vinyl, 300 copies 2003 €6.00
Views CD Anomalous Records NOM 27 back in stock few last copies ! better priced now ! 2004 €12.00
eaRLy W three: Neue Deutsche Peinlichkeit LP Was Soll Das? Schallplatten WSDP 103 re-release of early cassette from 1981, with bonus tracks. 2005 €14.00
An Archivist's Nightmare CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt138 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 2 lim./numb/signed 300 copies 2007 €16.00
Contours Imaginaires 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-06 lim. 500 / dark orange vinyl 2007 €12.00
The Pleasure of burning down Churches CD Black Rose Recordings BRCD 07-1009 dark, disturbing, almost misantrophic sound collages; musique concrete doom?; 4 masterful solo compositions using many field recordings & found sounds 2007 €13.00
Fall Seliger Geister CD Dirter Promotions DPROMCD94 RLW continues his unique exploration into "unclassifiable" complex electronic music, finally a new full-length album, on the prolific DIRTER Promotions from UK; lim. 500 "japanese" mini-LP sleeve; 2013 €13.00
Flurry of Delusion CD Black Rose Recordings BRCD16 "Nothing is quite what it seems to be" is the maxim of this new RLW-album, as usual it's difficult to describe or classify these compositions as they seem to exist between or beyond all known genres, but always keep a challenging and surprising experimental character; this is somehow chopped and scrambled music, consisting of strange sounds from instruments, objects, machines or electronics.... 2016 €13.00
Funeral Parties LP Musica Moderna MM014 for his "Funeral Music" project RLW has taken sound snippets from the European tradition of composed Funeral Music (i.e.:ANTON WEBERN, HÄNDEL, SCHUBERT, PURCELL, SIBELIUS...) and transformed these with the help of BHOB RAINEY (saxophone sounds) into seven unsettling, deranged and fragmented tracks... => surrealistic, collaged music that sounds if it would come out of a very DIFFERENT dimension, intense !! Edition of 200 copies 2016 €16.00
Störungen LP Psych.KG Psych.KG 233 after the great "Funeral Parties" LP here's another stunning work with a complete different focus: the sounds of 'resonating bodies' are used and transformed into crooked acoustic beauties, everything seems to be warped and heavenly deranged here, all related also to mental disorders.. lim. 150 copies; "Erneute musikalische Zuckungen führen zu Reibungsverlusten, durch Hirnrisse zischt und sirrt es, der azaphalische Körper leckt. Und vice versa. Kein Mensch ohne dys" [Bad Alchemy] 2016 €20.00
Agnostic Diaries CD Black Rose Recordings BRCD 20-1016 / Dirter Prom. DPROMCD156 highly abstract, unwieldy 'audio mind-scapes' full of demanding breaks and cuts, drones and weirdest sounds, voice processings, etc... extremely dynamic ! - RALF WEHOWSKY aka RLW proves he is still very capable of creating the most adventurous tunes and moods, MIRABILE DICTU! - "Upon repeated listening, there is every time something new to be found in this." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2021 €13.00
Tunnel CD Sonoris sns-20 one of Germany's most hidden geniuses with a new work, working on female voice material as only sound source, Fasten your seat belts and enjoy! ' "Tunnel presents five pieces built using fragments of Annette Krebs’s voice. Far from being anecdotal, the work reveals a true alchemy. Vocal prints are converted into roaring metallic textures lost in an endless sonic vortex, both sculptural and masterful. " 2021 €10.50
Satanic Inventions CD Black Rose Rec. BRV 22-1021 This album is the result of Ralf Wehowsky’s (aka rlw) critical examination of COVID-19 as a cultural phenomenon and a comparison to the black plague of the Middle Ages: "Denial of reality, conspiracy theories, searching for scapegoats, etc." = a true festival or irrationalism, telling us more about the human mental state than about the pandemic. Condensed by rlw into 15 tracks, a challenging journey of heavy de-constructions, trans-morphed drones, and treated source sounds = surrealistic musique concrete! 2022 €13.00