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RLW - Herzblutanteil

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Waystyx Records w47
Release Year: 2010
Note: back in stock this collector's item with VERY special packaging, released by Russian's legedary WAYSTYX label... it's more a remix + multiple recycling compilation of a basic IHR KINDERLEIN KOMMET (German traditional folk song from 1794), performed by RLW's little daughter Sonja); feat. 9 tracks from BRUME, A. COURTIS (REYNOLS), HOWARD STELZER, and more, it all still sounds incredible,a timeless and absurd journey; lim. 432 copies in die-cut sleeve with 11 small inserts
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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"Limited edition of 432 copies. 'Once upon a time, in far 1794 year, Christoph Schmid wrote the lyrics for Ihr Kinderlein Kommet, which was performed soon after in Thanhausen an der Mindel. He united it then with the melody, composed by contemporary composer Johann Abraham Peter Schulz. In the end of 2001, a few weeks before Christmas, I recorded my daughter Sonja (aged 5 then) singing some of her favourite xmas tunes, including I.K.K. When Jos Moers (owner of Meeuw Muzak label) was asking me to contribute to a series of xmas 7s he is doing once every year, I used 2 of those recordings for 2003's yearly event: merry merry (mm 027 - I.K.K. release #1 in retrospect). Side one has Sonja's singing (Stille Nacht = silent night) unedited live. Side 2 has a funny piece composed from a transformed Ihr Kinderlein Kommet. When the 7 was done i had the impression that the transformed sounds had a quality of their own, so i used them for further transformations and to compose a new piece of about 15 mins length: I.K.K. - Purpur - Scharlachrot. Following my course of collaborative works I invited some friends to take part in this adventure. The result, I.K.K. - Purpur (CD, Sirr 025), was released in 2006, including contributions from Dan Warburton, Andrew Deutsch, Chris Halliwell, then Strotter Inst., Stephen Vitiello, also Johannes Frisch and Bhob Rainey, I.K.K. #2). Two lengthy pieces by Domenico Sciajno and myself followed later that same year as Gelbe Tupfen (CD, Bowindo 07 - I.K.K. release #3; not to mention a version by Reto Mader on his CD Fireproof in 8 parts, Hinterzimmer 2007). But other projects needed their time, so it took until 2008 before I came back to the Kinderlein. The distance made it easier to go back to the sources: an extract from the original recording and the meeuw version are presented here superimposed for your pleasure in the end of this release. And so, the starting point is set by C. Renou (Brume), who uses extracts from almost all the following pieces for a glorious introduction: Merry merry! Don't wish me a merry Christmas, I won't have one.' " [label info]