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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
The Axxiarm Plains (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-12 Limited + numbered first edition of 250 copies. Individually made covers; clear vinyl 1995  
Aldebaran CD Cold Spring CSR13CD re-release of debut-album from 1996 / back in stock 2001 €13.00
Audio Mythology One CD LOKI Foundation LOKI 057 collection of rare & unreleased material from the archives (2002-2011), all unpublished so far & or now hard to find on deleted compilations; 8 tracks 2012 €13.00
Audio Mythology Two CD LOKI Foundation LOKI 60 collection of rare & unreleased material from the archives (2005-2013) PART 2: material from unreleased sessions, rare compilations and new studio versions of live backing tracks; 8 tracks / 50+ min. of excellent mythic dark space ambient, the forgotten voice of ancient myths and gods...comes with 16 p.booklet 2014 €12.00
Aldebaran do-LP LOKI Foundation LOKI 66 first ever vinyl re-issue of the dark ambient milestone from 1996, re-mastered and expanded with additional material from the same sessions => "...walls of solid deep and pulsating sound waves, crushing explosions of stellar noises, wails and voices dragged from the very depths of space itself, along with blanketing swathes of night-encrusted atonal skitterings echoing in dark cathedrals." lim. 350 copies on BLACK vinyl 2017 €25.00
Aldebaran - Revisited CD LOKI Foundation LOKI 67 the sister-release to the vinyl re-issue of ALDEBARAN is this CD with a stunning, multiply extented live version recorded during the "Aldebaran 20th anniversary concert", captured in Paris on 9th of Sept. 2016 2017 €12.00
The Nine Colours of the Threshold LP Loki Foundation LOKI 68 the long awaited new album by the dark ambient cult band from Leipzig, nine years after the last proper studio album INADE created another dark ambient milestone, strongly inspired by GUSTAV MEYRINKs writings and insights... music of a shining grandeur, and elevating darkness, creating a celebratory subtleness... "sonically sculpturing of that which lies deeper than matter, time and space."... "Audio-Alchemy in perfection" [Non-Pop] lim. vinyl version 400 copies 2018 €17.00