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INADE - The Axxiarm Plains

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Drone Records DR-12
Release Year: 1995
Note: Limited + numbered first edition of 250 copies. Individually made covers; clear vinyl
Warning: The album is sold out!

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dark and mystical 'archaic music' concerning on the development of today's consciousness - this E.P. deals with russian painter & poet MAJAKOWSKI

Released April 1995

"Surely, one of the most intense projects from the new States of capitalistic Germany, INADE have released only two tapes so far which showed their ability to create a deep droning dimension of their own. This project rises vom Saxony and is one of the groups involved with THE LOKI FOUNDATION (which also includes the works of DAGDA MOR, MK ULTRA & IRON WILL).
This first vinyl-release of INADE is based on the ideas of Russian poet & painter MAJAKOWSKI. INADE describe the psychological and sociological process of breaking the bounds of modern society as MAJAKOWSKI wanted to do it - with the result of creating something new, becoming constructive in a positive and very conscious manner. This process is perfectly expressed by INADE's awesome monumental gloomy surroundings. Experience their unique 'movement and construction'!" [label info]