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Fifteen / Finite Material Context CD Functional Org. 001 re-issue of FIFTEEN MC (1990) & parts of FINITE MATERIAL CONTEXT (1990) from the legendary US industrial group; and first release on TESCO sublabel. 1993 €14.00
Mort aux vaches (II) CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches IOS were the first ever group who got a second "Mort Aux Vaches"-release! Rec. "live in the studio" at VPRO Amsterdam on 21. May 1997, comes in great sand-paper cover, lim. 1000 1999 €15.00
In Opposition to our Acceleration CD Die Stadt DS32 BACK IN STOCK this stunning album by the US ambient industrial pioneers with a more quiet atmospheric work simmering underneath... comes in oversized full-colour folio incl. 6 postcards 2001 €13.00
Inside Agitator CD-R IOS CDR Reissues Series re-issue of early ILLUSION OF SAFETY-classic, comes with original booklet! (out first on Complacency Records, 1992) 2002 €8.00
More Violence and Geography CD Die Stadt DS52 re-release of first IOS LP from 1988 - a milestone of the North-American (post) Industrial, eerie and massive!! - "The 11 tracks display a much rawer and more 'industrial' feel with the use of harsh found sounds and voices, compared to recent works. Featuring new artwork by Dan Burke perfectly matching the albums title the CD also includes an unreleased live track (approx. 11 min. long) from the early 90's that didn't appear on the original album" - BACK IN STOCK, full colour cardboard cover 2002 €13.00
Time remaining CD Ossosnossos OSSO2 digipack / back in stock last copies !! 2003 €15.00
In Session CD Waystyx Records WR40 lim. 500 / new studio material 2007 / special hardcover-package 2008 €13.00
Probe CD Perdition Plastics per012 re-issue of one of their main works from 1992 (Staalplaat), when JIM O'ROURKE was member of the band; edition of 500 copies 2009 €13.00
Bridges Intact CD Waystyx Records WR 69 new material rec. 2010 / lim. 324 special package 2010 €15.50
Fin de Siecle CD Korm Plastics KP 3040 re-issue of the long out of print masterpiece LP from 1995; comes with two bonus-tracks now; edition of 300 copies, nice priced ! 2011 €10.00
Sweet Dreams 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-17 3-track EP by the legendary experimental project from Illinois / Chicago-area around DAN BURKE, one of the inventors of what once was called "Ambient Industrial", undergoing through many musical changes through their almost 30 years of existence; SWEET DREAMS is an almost psychedelic record, using many incredible acousmatic sounds coming from field recordings & instrumental sources; lim. 500 3-colour vinyl with stunning artwork by TILMANN BENNINGHAUS, Berlin, and mastering by THOMAS DIMUZIO !! OUT NOW !! 2012 €12.00
Surrender CD-R No Part Of It newest release by the strongly returned Chicago-based project, refining the more 'psychedelic' & experimental ambient/drone path known from the great 'Sweet Dreams' 10" - always boundary expanding, often pulsing & with unexpected changes & cuts; 8 carefully assembled and wonderfully complex tracks, using all kinds of field recodings & electronic sounds... almost 60 min. of material; professionally duplicated CD-R wtih full colour cover 2013 €9.00
New Rules, Same Game, Less Instruction CD Drone Records SYM:02 second release in the new CD series "SYM" from Drone Records, sounds from realms of Symbolization & Symmetrization! => these are new recordings from Chicago's (post) industrial legend: microscopic audio events, loops, heavily processed material of all kinds form seven multi-layered collages that seem to be full of electro-magnetic static, morphing and transforming like a hallucinogenic object... lim. 250 copies, 6 panel digipak, mastering THOMAS DIMUZIO 2021 €13.00
Organ Choir Drone CD-R NO PART OF IT 40th anniversary release, constructed from hours of IOS source material together with ARVO ZYLO (BLOOD RHYTHMS), this way 7 new tracks emerged that show everything IOS became well known for: \" field recordings, electronics, electro-acoustic, and synthesis\" [Dan Burke] - with an emphasis on the more subliminal droning side.(which is never a typical ambient relax sound in the IOS multiverse, but something demanding, challenging, alienating.. - full colour DVD sized art + pro CDR 2023 €13.00