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Format: 10inch
Label & Cat.Number: Substantia Innominata SUB-17
Release Year: 2012
Note: 3-track EP by the legendary experimental project from Illinois / Chicago-area around DAN BURKE, one of the inventors of what once was called "Ambient Industrial", undergoing through many musical changes through their almost 30 years of existence; SWEET DREAMS is an almost psychedelic record, using many incredible acousmatic sounds coming from field recordings & instrumental sources; lim. 500 3-colour vinyl with stunning artwork by TILMANN BENNINGHAUS, Berlin, and mastering by THOMAS DIMUZIO !! OUT NOW !!
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ILLUSION OF SAFETY started in Chicago almost 30 years ago with their vision of dark & morbid atmospheric industrial music and soon became one of the inventors of what was then called 'Ambient Industrial', the marriage of these two very different styles & approaches. Since then, IOS never failed to surprise their listeners, going through many musical changes with various live members using elements of improvisation, electro-acoustic music, sound collages, sublime drones (especially in the 90's before it became a well-known notion) and noise (and only imagine that JIM O'ROURKE started his career as the 19-year old live guitarist of ILLUSION OF SAFETY!).
We are very happy IOS (at this time mastermind DANIEL BURKE only) recorded pieces for our special concept 10" series that again mark a very unexpected change: SWEET DREAMS is an almost 'psychedelic' record, using many incredible acousmatic sounds deriving from field recordings, instrumental sources (such as acoustic guitars) and synths, which build together repetitive pulsing patterns & hypno-loops that suck you in. But IOS wouldn't be IOS if it weren't for surprising breaks, cut-ups, crackling sounds and other interferences.... To us, this sounds like 70's psych-space tunes transformed by today's experimental & compositional consciousness..
Three pieces, 22+ mins, mastered by THOMAS DIMUZIO, 500 copies pressed on beautiful & unique 3-colour (green, blue & white) vinyl & with artwork by Berlin-based designer TILMANN BENNINGHAUS. Release date: Oct 25, 2012.