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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Aare am Marzilibad mCD Erewhon CDWhON011 one-tracker 18+ min. 2006 €7.00
23 Panoramas de Frequences BOOK + CD Galerie Roger Tator 64p hardcover-book 15 x 21 cm with colour photos & CD; 20 different environmental sounds of all different kinds, recorded in France, very pure & special ! Texts by LIONEL MARCHETTI & E. HOLTERBACH 2010 €17.50
Leonore 7inch Lexi Disques Lexi007 a re-interpetation of a classical opera (!) through three short pieces => solemn & harmonic, extensively sounds full of melancholy and droney overtunes (track 2 on Side B ends in a lockgroove)... a surprising work by this sound artist from Belgium, known also for his administration of the ELIANE RADIGUE archive; golden silscreen cover, various coloured papers, yellow transculent vinyl; a great little EP !! 2012 €8.50