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HOLTERBACH, MANU - 23 Panoramas de Frequences

Format: BOOK + CD
Label & Cat.Number: Galerie Roger Tator
Release Year: 2010
Note: 64p hardcover-book 15 x 21 cm with colour photos & CD; 20 different environmental sounds of all different kinds, recorded in France, very pure & special ! Texts by LIONEL MARCHETTI & E. HOLTERBACH
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.50

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"23 Frequencies Panoramas - Urban and peri-urban sound-images of Lyon, Saint-Etienne and in between. This record contains about twenty sound images: recordings, or edited recordings, which have been carried out for a few years in Lyon, Saint-Etienne and in betweens. The used recordings have never been distorted or transformed, except a slight filtration when necessary, to reduce some undesirable frequencies, or to reinforce others, which are highly desirable. These sound images deal with listening to the landscape. They reveal moments when I chose to stop by and listen. They are both extremely familiar and exotic sounds. They are like fragments from our (more or less) everyday environment, which are so subtle and discrete, that everyone passes by without necessarily paying attention to them. However, they are beautiful sounds, which are worth listening to, and which I love gathering. They are these indications of a spontaneous poetry, which is part of the most commonplace or neutral things and situations. Listening actively to these phenomena enables one to make the world his, in an intimate manner, and therefore to get into one of the most poetic part of reality.
The sounds of these sound images stand as found objects. None has been generated on purpose, they are not a "creation". They are noises and sounds of our environment: sounds of machines, electrical devices, vibrations, natural phenomena, animal calls, echos and resonances due to the spatial parameters of different places, etc. This record aims at revealing the eerie beauty of these sound phenomena.Ф E. H.
This a beautifull CD + book of 64 pages of 15 x 21 cm with color photos. French / English texts by Lionel Marchetti and E. Holterbach. Photos by E. Holterbach. From mole-crickets chorus in a field to flying bats through flashing neon light. Highly recommended !" [publishing house info]