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A Significant Change LP EE Tapes EV19 first LP by the \"minimal / experimental ambient / wave\" project from Belgium, creating here on 10 tracks a versatile sound spectrum from what could be ritual music from indigenous tribes filtered through rough effects, over ASMUS TIETCHENS-like processings, to more catchy \"PoP\" tunes.. hearing is believing, every track is different!! - Lim. 200 2022 €20.00
Continuities Vol. 1 CD EE Tapes EE44 debut release by this new project from Belgium (first LP to be expected later this year): lovely old school "ambient industrial" tunes, trancy analogue synth loops and various harmonic and obscure 'small sounds' above, with a slight ethno touch... reminded us on old DESACCORD MAJEUR or INTERNAL FUSION.. prof. CD pressing with jewel-case, lim. 100 copies 2022 €12.00
Sol in Solus LP EE Tapes EV22 second LP for the Belgium based project, versatile and creative "handmade" electronic music with a light, spiritual, nature-woreshipping approach and expression.... - *Sol In Solus' is a concept album about nature and self-reflexion. An overall organic suite in ten parts comprising multi genres and instruments conceived and performed by this talented local electronic artist! * - lim. 200 copies 2023 €20.00
The Seven Sacraments CD EE Tapes EE48 the third O.C. release comes as limited. CD (100 copies only) with two long tracks as "interpretations" of the "Seven Sacraments", using real organ sounds and (vocal) samples... => loopy synthetic ambient that goes through various stages and formations, often with an impressionistic, nostalgic touch; the music is ever transforming and floats from one scenery to the next, with some surprising moments.. 2023 €13.00