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same CD-R Wachsender Prozess three long pieces for pure Indian Harmonium (SEEMANN) and subtle hiss & loop analog synth (TBC), named "Bhopal", "Tibet", "Goa".. - very dry, minimal, intimate and simple, and surely clearing the mind.... - something rather unexpected by these two Hamburg based noise and drone veterans, this is their second released collab. and comes in a DVD sized cover with full colour cover 2020 €7.00
Passhhe CD-R no label / self released their newest collaboration: meditative analog synths, bell or vibraphon tones in repetitive clusters,in slow casading waves, very "near" and intimate, and extremely minimal... 4 tracks, 35 min playtime 2022 €6.50
Glashaus CD-R no label / self-released   2023 €8.00