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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Quantum Consciousness CD Sempiterna Mutatio S.M.008 5000 SPIRITS = RAFAELE SERRA & STEFANO MUSSO (ALIO DIE). Dedicated to Albert Hofmann's 100th birthday ! 2006 €13.50
Schwarzschild Radius CD Sempiterna Mutatio SM 009   2006 €13.50
Towards Edentea CD Sempiterna Mutatio SM 011 new album by the long existing collaboration project of STEFANO MUSSO (ALIO DIE) & RAFFAELE SERRA; more electronic & experimental as before, a "dream-like electrostatic forest", looking for new atmospheric sound-paths.. 2011 €14.00
Melchiazek CD Sempiterna Mutatio SM 012 'music for imaginary movies' - dedicated to NIKOLA TESLA!; this very 'cosmic' and electronic sounding album was already recorded 2004-2011 and finally sees the daylight; RAFFAELE SERRA: analogue and digital synths STEFANO MUSSO (ALIO DIE): field recordings, loops, effects, editing; lim. 300 2014 €15.00