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Metaballistik: The Voyeur and his infra-red Insekts CD-R Soulworm Editions WORM IX we could get back few copies back in of some release from the Polish dark ambient / industrial label SOULWORM, all in highly professional design! Early release (rec. 1999-2000) by the wonderful Ukrainian project, comes in standard jewel-case cover; more raw and industrial like, reminds on TAM QUAM TABULA RASA for example.. LAST COPY! 2001 €5.00
Homo Shargey CD New Nihilism VII / Triangle Limited TR 046   2011 €13.00
Stardust CD Nitkie patch nine dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first manned flight into SPACE, this is a memoriam / tribute to all the people involved to make it possible... futuristic electronic noises, speeches, lost melodies; strange & filmish & at times very beautiful digi-ambience from one of the main Ukrainian experimental acts ! 2011 €12.00
Heterodox CD Old Captain OCCD17 / Gradual Hate Rec. GH 128 CD the main project of OLEGH KOLYADA from Ukraine, known for some nice F.H.F. albums of nostalgy-filled ambience, with harmonies as coming from a long forgotten past (he was also member of IN MEDITARIUM who had a great 7" on Drone Rec. (DR-75) ... 'Heterodox' combines wide and at times bombastic cosmic synth ambience with ethnic field recordings (flutes, throat singing, percussion, nature-sounds), all processed into mesmerizing, choral-like drone-clouds... lim. 200 2016 €13.00