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Cava XI.XI.86 CD Ferns Recordings stem_05 \'CD reissue of a cassette released in 1987 edited by Massimo Toniutti. An unique, beautiful and mysterious work in which sounds are produced somewhere, under the earth, in a cave or cellar. Organic, out of time. Remastered from the original tapes, including two unreleased tracks created from records of the same period.\' - wonderful \"floating-concrete\" ambient noise, subtle and low fi, almost all based on sounds from metallic and other objects.. . ed. of 300 copies 2019 €13.00
Variation Sculaire Gomagntique CD Klanggalerie gg298 the brother of GIANCARLO TONIUTTI (known for his great "Il Museo Selvatico" - album [1991 and recently re-issued] ) with a NEW work, an extended version of a cassette release "antidocument/groundwork" (2016), using again many tiny "concrete" object sounds and shreds (which could be stones, metal pieces, wood, glass), forming three wonderfully rich, almost tenderly moving and floating pieces... (think of SMALL CRUEL PARTY, ORGANUM, LA CASA..) 2019 €14.00