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TONIUTTI, MASSIMO - Variation Sculaire Gomagntique

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Klanggalerie gg298
Release Year: 2019
Note: the brother of GIANCARLO TONIUTTI (known for his great "Il Museo Selvatico" - album [1991 and recently re-issued] ) with a NEW work, an extended version of a cassette release "antidocument/groundwork" (2016), using again many tiny "concrete" object sounds and shreds (which could be stones, metal pieces, wood, glass), forming three wonderfully rich, almost tenderly moving and floating pieces... (think of SMALL CRUEL PARTY, ORGANUM, LA CASA..)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

More Info

Massimo Toniutti is an Italian sound designer and experimental musician. He is the brother of Giancarlo Toniutti who is best known for his electroacoustic masterpiece La Mutazione which was originally released on the Broken Flag label in the UK and later re-issued by Klanggalerie. Massimo started working with sound when he was a teenager, collecting and playing recordings of all kinds. In the 1980s he released four cassettes on his own label, all heavily influenced by the experimental music scene of that time. He soon developed a strong relation to electroacoustic structures, space/environment and silence. In the 1990s, he began investigating radio, creating his own sound archive and producing unusual broadcasts. He released an album entitled Il Museo Selvatico, which was re-issued in Australia in 2018 on Oren Ambarchi's label Black Truffle. A documentation of his radio work can be heard on the CD Le Gabbiette Di Faraday, collecting radio pieces from 1996 to 1998. After a twenty year break, the cassette Antidocument/Groundwork was released in 2016 in a tiny edition of only 100 copies. Klanggalerie asked Massimo Toniutti to re-issue this composition on CD to which he agreed. When work was started, Massimo decided to extend it to a much longer piece which became Variation Sculaire Gomagntique. if you are into Musique Concrete, Dark Ambient or simply beautifully crafted atmospheric music, then this release is for you.