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Journey of the K-Verband 7inch 4iB Records 4iB 7 another unsettling 7" by the (harsh) noise (wall) project from Canada, who used here a special technique to obtain "violent sounds": fishing lures were furnished with underwater microphones, the sound of the fishes (especially huge lingcods) taking the lures into their throats was captured and further manipulated... lim. 250, disturbing cover art, too 2017 €13.00
The Nylons of Laura Antonelli 4 x CD-BOX Urashima USHI008 first CD re-issue of the 8 x Cassette boxset from 2009 - "The Rita using various nylons as sole sound source, plus a bit of distortion of course, for a lengthy and intense exploration of texture and movement." [Norman Rec.] - comes in black wooden box, with laser engraving, 4 CD wallet and full colour artwork, insert, poster, and certificate numb. to 300 copies 2019 €38.00
Queen Sheets do-LP Urashima UMA094 last copies of this do-LP with source sounds from MEGAN MILLER recorded during two installations of her - a brick rubbing against different materials - the perfect material for the Canadian "Harsh Noise Wall" and fetish project to work with... - comes in a silver on black silkscreen cover, with insert and 4 photographs of the installations, lim. 199 copies 2021 €26.00