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Transociety Relics do-LP aMARXE - 0322 a full double LP (gatefold sleeve) with so far unreleased material by the unique Hungarian composer, dating back to 1974 (Side A) but contains also newer material composed 2010-2019... - "His sound art is simultaneously an expanded ethnography of an invented folklore and a way to preserve his acoustic environments for future generations." - lim. 300 copies only 2022 €29.50
Transreplica Meccano (complete edition) CD Margen Records / aMARXE first CD re-issue since 32 years of this milestone of ethno ambient / electronic music, HORTOBAGYI was a Hungarian ethnologist who learned to play many traditional Indian instruments himself, combining this with electronic sounds and samples; this "complete" edition comes with three unreleased bonus tracks from the same sessions and re-mastered, lim. 300 copies 2024 €15.00