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HORTOBAGYI, LASZLO - Transreplica Meccano (complete edition)

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Margen Records / aMARXE
Release Year: 2024
Note: first CD re-issue since 32 years of this milestone of ethno ambient / electronic music, HORTOBAGYI was a Hungarian ethnologist who learned to play many traditional Indian instruments himself, combining this with electronic sounds and samples; this "complete" edition comes with three unreleased bonus tracks from the same sessions and re-mastered, lim. 300 copies
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First reissue on CD, after 32 years since its original edition on this format, of Transreplica Meccano, Lāszlō Hortobāgyi's masterpiece.

"Transreplica Meccano - Complete Edition is the comprehensive and remastered edition of this opus with tracks from the same recording sessions that never saw the light before.

Lāszlō Hortobāgyi: ibm-pc, sampler, performer (been), synthesizers, tabla, sitar, vocoder

Nora Hortobgyi: voice, strings

P. Radvanyi: Sygnus modular-synth (on Cathedral of Reptiles)

Totho: Bass (on Nono-bol)

Chipy: Flute (on Nono-bol)

Goezi: Trombone (on Nono-bol)

Performer: Base Du Fourrage (on Nono-bol)

Recorded in the Gayan Uttejak Studio, Budapest in 1986

Remastered and verified by Lāszlō Hortobāgyi in 2023 for MARXE Msica