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A Travail Egal Salaire Egal CD Klanggalerie gg244 third album (1982) from this French band that still sound unpredictable and unusual today, leaving behind all conventional strucutures... - " a surreal and often densely layered release, that drifts from and blends together modern classical composition, quirky electronics, avant jazz and rock, and layers of radiophonic elements." 2017 €14.00
Rideau! CD Klanggalerie gg221 the French avantgarde & experimental scene from the early 80's impressed with many incredible albums, "Rideau!" is one of those almost unlistenable examples, combining free jazz and improvisation with all kinds of noises, electdronics and "new music" influences; this was the second album of the trio and this is the first ever re-issue, containing diverse bonus tracks (full length 76 min.) 2017 €14.50
L'homme a la Camera / La Glace a trois Faces CD Klanggalerie gg277 the re-issue series of this "beyond all genres" group continues, and this CD contains not only UN DRAME's album "L'homme a la Camera" from 1984 (realized with 15 musicians), but as a bonus the so far unreleased "La glace a trois faces" soundtrack (rec. 1983 to the silent movie of the same name by JEAN EPSTEIN) - it's hard to find anything more "difficult", original, border-crossing.. 2020 €14.00